Kill Time with AMMO

So, I’ve been laid up the past week after a battle with an oral surgeon. Complete mess of unimaginable proportions, but the time off allowed me to spend a lot of time doing things that I rarely get to do – like mindlessly browsing the internet.

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The Pliersrack II

The idea of having your tools at hand rather than in a drawer is enticing, but things like pliers often don’t work all that well in a tool board environment, right? Well… These folks sent me an email the other day and they think they just might have a solution – for pliers at least.

Check em out here.

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103.23140 Craftsman Drill Press

You guys remember my estate sale find from a few months ago, right? Well, just as soon as I got that old thing home I took it over to my buddy Curtis’ shop so that he could do a full restoration on it. He dropped it back off at our shop last week and the results are stunning. Check it out:

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Restored Craftsman Machinist Box

Jim Lanham is at it again… This time he’s taken on a pretty rare Craftsman machinist box and as always, the results are awe inspiring. If you have a minute, check out his Flickr gallery here.

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Vintage Craftsman Belt/Disc Sander

Last year, I bought a gorgeously restored Craftsman bandsaw off of Craigslist. If you’ve been around long, you might remember the DC conversion that I did on the machine. If not, you can check it out here.

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