Nick Offerman’s Wood Shop


I love this guy… His work is pretty damned phenomenal as well.

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The Fein Grinder


So… Most people consider the Makita to be the best wired grinder on the planet per dollar spent. I guess I’m one of those guys? I mean, I have a Makita for wired use and a Milwaukee for wireless and haven’t had an issue with either. I tend to go for my Milwaukee if I’ve got the batteries charged simply because it’s smaller and more comfortable. BUT, I’ve always been curious about the Fein because it’s so damned small… and has such a good reputation.

Today, I started researching the matter and stumbled across AvE’s tear down. It’s a beaut… If you haven’t seen it already, you should probably check it out above.

Here’s part 2.

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Woodpeckers Radius Set. Nope.

I would assume most of you that do any woodworking at all are familiar with Woodpeckers. They are pretty widely known as suppliers to some of the best measuring and squaring instruments around. Recently, they released a new cornering jig and it’s a pretty smart design with seemingly unlimited value… that is, until you see the price – $280!

Unfortunately, I happen to need such a jig for a project I’m working on… But I just couldn’t get myself to spend $300 on red anodized aluminum. So, I searched Google and stumbled upon a really young guy that does some interesting (read: nerdy) projects from his basement. One of these projects was the fabrication of a cornering jig.

Dude just saved me like $275, so he gets a feature!

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Dan Smith’s Dream Shop

This has to be the cleanest wood shop that I have ever seen… and that tool chest? Off the charts.

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DIY Power Bank

Found on Reddit… It’s a pretty smart idea for building your own power bank. The fabrication could have been cleaner, but the idea is pretty solid.


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