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I know, I know… This is EVERYWHERE. But you know what struck me when I saw this? Some dude posts this very same problem in one of like every ten posts in our Free Parking forum… No shit.

Vintage Craftsman Ratchet

“Tooling” around on Google and stumbled upon the above ratchet… and fell in love. Anyone know anything about this one? I’m no vintage Craftsman expert at all, but I’ve never seen one with such a grip. Homemade maybe?

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Pretty great idea…

Details here.

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So this isn’t spam. By that, I mean that I have no stake in RideCache and I’m not getting paid to post this. The man behind the idea, Gary Bixler, is a friend of mine. A few weeks back he took me to lunch and pitched his idea and I found it pretty intriguing. So much so, that I agreed to feature RideCache on The Garage Journal with two purposes in mind:

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Ingersoll Rand W5132

So a couple of months ago Ingersoll Rand sent me what was then a top secret – their new W5132 compact impact wrench. Essentially, it’s a surprisingly small (6.5″ long on the business end) and light weight (5.1 pounds) 3/8″ impact wrench that makes an astronomical 365 foot-pounds of torque. I know, that’s just a number… But, this thing makes serious power. In fact, more than once a lot of us here in the shop wondered if maybe that’s too much power for a 3/8″ drive. For those that do, Ingersoll also offers the same size and weight unit in an even more powerful 1/2″ drive – it’s called the W5152.

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