A Vintage Styled Shop Calendar

A lot of you guys are H.A.M.B. transplants… But for those of you that aren’t, I wanted to fill you in on something you might dig. Every year we do a calendar featuring the photography of the H.A.M.B.. This year, we just didn’t have the bandwidth to make it happen, so we did something a little more simple. We did a vintage styled shop calendar based off a 1940’s Proto design complete with Jeff Norwell penned pinup and tear-away sheets for the months of the year. I know there are a lot of vintage tool guys here and I thought this might be right up your alley…

So, details here.

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Atomic Shop Update: The Work Bench

I’ve never owned what most professional mechanics would call a “nice” toolbox. In the past, I’ve used middle of the road Craftsman boxes almost exclusively. And frankly, I planned to continue down that same path when I started the new shop. My initial plan was to buy a couple of 44″ Harbor Freight boxes and then build a “Steevo inspired” workbench around them. That all changed once Joe from Motorhead Extraordinaire heard of my venture.

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Milwaukee M18 Impact Driver – $89

Oh boy. You guys have created a monster… Again, I’m not being paid for this… BUT, Home Depot just dropped a “one-day” only sale on M18 drivers. You can pick one up for $89. Of course, it’s not the new brushless version but it is over 50% off. I couldn’t resist.

Check it out here, but hurry!

The Latest “Steevo Inspired” Bench

The latest “Steevo Inspired” bench is a good one… done with a limited budget and unlimited imagination. If ya get a few minutes, you might check it out.

Cyber Monday… Zorotools.com

I don’t usually do this… and don’t want to start. But I actually took advantage of “Cyber Monday” today by buying myself a brand spanking new Millermatic 211 and I got 30% off and free shipping while doing it. I got it through Zorotools.com (they aren’t a sponsor, I don’t know them, and I’m getting paid nothing for this post) and they carry just about everything you can think of. If you get busy, you can get 30% off as well. Just use the discount code “holiday”.

Check it out.

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