FastCap Tape Measures

So I’m getting ready to run a video series on some wood working tools and while testing my lighting and what not, I did a quick review on a couple of tape measures I recently acquired. They are cheaply made, but really damned handy. The video above gives my full impression.

You can buy the lefty/righty here and the flatback here.

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The Delta Rockwell 34-600

Years ago, I¬†dropped by¬†Curtis Garrett’s shop to pick up a band saw that he had restored for me. While there, I took notice of his old Delta table saw and fell in love. I don’t do much wood working, however, and have never had a need for a finger remover. Then, a few weeks ago, my wife got a quote to get some cabinets built for the house. That quote got me very interested in wood working and I quickly emailed Curtis to see if he had any table saw restorations in the works.

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Oil Drain Pans

Alright fellas… I’ve had it. I’m done with those crappy plastic oil catch pans that you buy at the typical national autoparts chain. I’m just done with them…

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Nick Offerman’s Wood Shop


I love this guy… His work is pretty damned phenomenal as well.

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The Fein Grinder


So… Most people consider the Makita to be the best wired grinder on the planet per dollar spent. I guess I’m one of those guys? I mean, I have a Makita for wired use and a Milwaukee for wireless and haven’t had an issue with either. I tend to go for my Milwaukee if I’ve got the batteries charged simply because it’s smaller and more comfortable. BUT, I’ve always been curious about the Fein because it’s so damned small… and has such a good reputation.

Today, I started researching the matter and stumbled across AvE’s tear down. It’s a beaut… If you haven’t seen it already, you should probably check it out above.

Here’s part 2.

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Plastic Bins