American Made Trash Cans

Finding an american made trash can isn’t all that easy these days… Finding one that looks half way decent is even harder. My pal Steve at Garage Art is trying to do something about that.

Check it out.

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Bosch GLM 15

I bought one of these about 6 months ago for around $50. It’s tiny. It has a range of over 50-feet. It rules. And now, Bosch is selling the damned thing for $35. If you don’t have one, just buy it. Seriously.

Check it out.

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Gowanus Garage

This is a short video about an eccentric guy with a car collection in New York City. The collection is interesting enough, but what amazed me is that this guy has the square footage in NYC to host a 58-car field. Admittedly, the footage is short on shop details… But I thought you guys would dig it anyway.

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Woah… Check this shit out… Stealth black. No logos. Submersible to 1000-feet. Eighteen volts and one-thousand watts. Essentially, this $2000 cordless drill is overkill in every way imaginable.

More details here.


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Woody’s Works Garage

I know this one has been an ongoing build thread for some time, but somehow I missed it and am just now getting caught up. Do yourself a favor and check this build out.

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