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This is crazy… You know that guy in Texas that restores those gorgeous old machinist chests? Well, he just found a real gem. Essentially, the original owner used it as both a tool chest and a journal. On the back of each drawer are carvings of all the important dates in his life – from Pearl Harbor to the day the weather was 18-below in 1942.

Check out photos of the restored chest here.

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The Tool Tower

I love stuff like this… I got an email from Jesse Sotta the other day asking me to check out his mobile tool center. Essentially, he’s just a guy like one of us with an idea and a pretty damned noble cause – build a better way… And I don’t know if this cart is a better way or not, but I sure do like what I see. And there’s no doubt – this thing would last through just about any kind of apocalypse.

Check out the details here.

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The Specialized Tools Of Traditional Hot Rodding

I thought you guys would get a kick out of this… A couple of weeks ago, I started a thread on the H.A.M.B. asking folks to take pictures of the vintage tools they use to work on their hot rods. The result is a honey pot of amazing images and tools.

I really, really like this stuff…

Check it out.

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A Nerd’s Storage Carts

I seem to be watching a lot of YouTube as of late… Anyway, while doing so I ran into this video from Adam Savage. In it, he shows you his cart system for hosting both glues and paints. Pretty good…

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Frank Howarth

So the other day I posted about finding the “Get Hands Dirty” channel on YouTube. From that, a user on the forums turned me onto Frank Howarth… and then I went down the rabbit hole discovering the creativity not only behind the projects Frank takes on, but also how he creates and edits his videos. His videos are art and if you haven’t taken the time to watch a few, you need to stop what you are doing right now and do so.

Check it out.

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