Delta Model 37-207 Jointer

So, I’ve gone off the deep end… When I started this whole “wood working thing,” my idea was to keep it simple and aimed at a system that could do basic cabinetry work and still be collapsed and put away in a minimal space when not in use.  And then, like I typically do, I got deeper and deeper into the craft and began to obsess on the vintage machines those before us used.

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Artisan’s Asylum

Just a really neat maker’s space… I work in the shop to kind of get away from everything, so I don’t know that I could work around a ton of people in a place like this, but I love the idea of it…


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The Systainer Cart

So this video was pretty painful to make… This is the first time I’ve ever really worked with wood on this scale, plus I have very little experience making videos. So, I was trying to learn two skills at once that kind of intertwined with each other while I was learning them. In the end, I’m not all that proud of the video but I am super proud of the cabinet I made. And I guess that’s not a bad trade off.

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TTP Hard Drill Bit Review

A couple of weeks ago, TTP sent over some bits to review along with a can of their Cut-It lubrication. This morning, I fired up the drill press and got to work comparing the TTP bits to my long-time Viking favorites. To put it short, they are pretty impressive…

You can learn more about the TTP HARD bits here. We’ve also been talking about a discount to alliance members, so if you are interested let me know…

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The Shipping Crate

So the fire mess is all cleaned up and I finally had a chance to do some actual work in the shop. I decided the best thing to do was to build something simple that allowed me to use most of my newly acquired Festool collection. So, I built the simplest thing I could think of – a box. The above video shows ya how I got along.

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