The Garage Journal: NEW & IMPROVED!

The Cochran Garage circa 1944

Here it is fellas! What was once (ran by Lucky Luke) is now The Garage Journal. Luke is getting ready to head off to do some really cool things with his life and this community was simply too cool for me to pass up. That said, lets get some introductions and commonly asked questions out of the way.

Who am I?
I’m Ryan Cochran… I grew up in a family full of mechanics, race car drivers, and just all around garage junkies. The picture above is a shot of my grandpa’s shop circa 1944. He’s the guy that reared my old man who in turn made me a complete freak for anything auto/moto related. I started racing cars professionally at the ripe age of 15 and have been lucky enough to hang out in some of the most complete shops in the world.

It’s a good thing too… I recently moved to Austin, Texas and am getting ready to do a complete shop makeover. I’m all ears fellas… Can’t wait to see what yall can teach me!

So what’s going to change?
Other than the name, the look and feel, and me hanging out ever so often? Nothing. Your login to the board? Still the same. All of your favorite threads? We still got em! What about your post count, PMs, and other data? It’s all here.

What about new features and other cool stuff?
First and foremost, you’ll notice that the new board is much faster than the old. Atomic Industry has one of the most powerful data centers this side of the Mississippi (thanks to Cyberwurx, Rackable Systems, and Yahoo!) and we plan on unleashing it every chance we get.

I think Luke has done an excellent job leading garage junkies from all around the world. I’m not going to break something that just isn’t broke… You can expect the same tone and rules all around. Plus, we are really going to work at featuring more of the tools that make your shop what it is. Everyone likes tools, right?

You’ll also notice new features such as “view all”, improved editing, even quicker quick replies, and faster loading thumbnails. There is much more to come fellas, so kick back and lets talk about shops, garages, and tools!

Plastic Bins
Plastic Bins