Firehouse Garage


Garage Journal member Milwlimo is putting this amazing property up for sale in Wisconsin. Can you imagine a better venue for a hot rod shop? I certainly can’t… Ohhh to dream.

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The Workshop Computer

Craftsman Tool Box Computer

For most of us, having a computer in the garage is simply out of the question. For others, it’s a luxury to live by… This incredible case mod showed up on the H.A.M.B. today… Pretty damned cool.

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A Mill On The Cheap


Introducing a mill to your shop is like opening up a whole new world. Of course, most of us will never realize that world due to the huge expense that comes with most machine tools. Mini-Mills help ya get a little closer to your dreams and they start at under $500!

Still not cheap enough for ya? Get your drill press out and follow these boys along.

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We are big fans of and love reading about some of the projects their staff and readers take on. That said, they recently asked thier followers to submit examples of their workspaces and we gotta admit – lots of these people could learn a thing or two from The Garage Journal!

See for yourself!

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Plastic Bins
Plastic Bins