The Maker Bench

Makers Bench

At over $400 a shot, these benchesĀ don’t come in all that economical, but they are pretty great looking if you are going for an industrial look in your garage space.

View a parts lists and instructable.

Alternatively, something pretty close could be built using cast plumber’s fittings. Ping us on the board if you have done so!

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Air Compressors


In the market for an air compressor? The boys on the board recently set up a make shift school house and started a session on the dos and don’ts of air compressor shopping. Really interesting stuff and incredibly valuable if you are in the market!

Check it out!

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Car Condos

Joe Grippo found this article on MSN covering a new “car condo” development in Florida. For between $200 and $400k, you can own your very own climate controlled and secured condo just for your rides. Nuts.

Read all about it.

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A “Vintage” Bead Roller On The Cheap

Bead Roller

This amazing idea recently turned up on the H.A.M.B. over at The Jalopy Journal. The idea is simple – Buy a $99 bead roller from Harbor Freight and turn it into a reliable, long lasting work of tool art!

Here are the details.

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Dream Shop


User “bmwpower” has constructed what has to be one of the most comprehensive tutorials everĀ on how to build a dream shop complete with Lista cabinets, lifts, perfect floors, etc…

Don’t miss this one…

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Plastic Bins
Plastic Bins