GloPo Speedshop

Speed Shop Organization

This one is amazing. User “draglink” went above and beyond when creating his garage space using modern and vintage materials. I aboslutely love the use of coordinated staining on the wood paneling and while the use of Pergo flooring oak hardwood around the work areas might not be industrial enough for some, it is perfect in this application.

See all the pics here!

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One-Car Ideas

The One Car Garage

Who says ya need 4000 square feet to have a workable garage space? It certainly wasn’t “TactikalCop” as his newly finished one-car is a great example of what can be done when short on space and big on ambition. The key? Absolute organization and a place for everything…

See more of this space here.

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The Craftsman Lifetime Warranty…

Craftsman Tools

Squashing a rumor here… Word on the street is that Sears is ending their lifetime replacement warranty on all their tools. After wiping away a tear, I decided to take action – I called Sears corporate with a press ID in hand and started asking questions.

As it turns out, it was all a nasty rumor. Sears has not and does not plan on ending their lifetime warranty.

Thank god.

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High Class Garage

Vault Garage Cabinets

The folks at Vault recently contacted us to tout a new product line. After fumbling around with some collateral and checking out the site, we came away VERY impressed.

The idea behind this product line is essentially to cater to the guy that wants to extend his upscale home into his garage by way of products that are just as detailed and thoughtful as the snooty furniture found in his living room. The cabinets are made almost entirely of stainless steel and can be completely customized (size, color, configs, etc…) so long as your pocket book is fat enough. And oh man, do they look the part… They also have flooring available as well as a number of other products in the works. Personally, I can’t wait to see the garage doors and the “vintage” line.

Pricing? They didn’t provide any and I didn’t ask, but expect something a bit higher than Lista…

View the Vault site.

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Plastic Bins
Plastic Bins