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I’ve been working on my garage for a few months now and have been facing a big decision regarding what wall cabinets to use. I considered everything from the Craftsman line to regular old preassembled wood units from Lowes. In a search for affordable options that still looked sharp, I stumbled upon

You might know the name as their line of affordable stainless tool boxes are pretty popular. However, if you are like me the fact they also sell stainless wall cabinets might come as a surprise. The best part? The price ($259 each)┬áisn’t half bad and shipping was pretty darn reasonable too.

Once I got everything here at the house, installation was a snap. Simply attach a wall bracket to your studs and slide your cabinet in place. One man cabinet installation has never been so easy. And quality? Excellent. The doors are stainless and very well fabricated while the body of the cabinets are powder coated steel. The shelves fit like a glove and the units are very sturdy and capable of holding impressive weight. I couldn’t be happier…

You can see more photos of my installation here.

Notes: also mentioned that they are in the middle of upgrading these cabinets to include piano hinges. There’s a good possibility that they might be blowing out old/slightly damaged inventory. Contact them for details.

Finally, I’d like to mention that this is not a paid promotion of any kind. I paid for my cabinets just like anyone else and simply wanted to spread the word.

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