Check out this article about hammers from ‘Remodeling For Geeks.’  He talks about carpenter, framing and drywall hammers as well as a few random ones.  This guy is a fun read…

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The Flying A

Given our latest redesign, we thought it would be highly appropriate to feature something one of our users (and sponsors) is highly passionate about – vintage service station signs. Steve Johnson is the man behind GarageArt.com and he pretty much lives for the conservation and history of old signage. One of his favorites is the signage from the Flying A Service Stations. He’s so into it that I thought it might be cool to have Steve write up a little history lesson for us… Here it is:

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A Work In Progress

Woah… Looks a little different doesn’t it? Please excuse the mess. We are in stage one of the long awaited Garage Journal redesign. You may still find some bugs here and there, but don’t fret – we are working hard to get them all ironed out. In the meantime, take a load off and have a look around. You’ll be glad you did.

And stage two? The forums will be redesigned and features upgraded in just a few short weeks. Hang in there fellas… More goodness is coming!

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Love the prices of discount tool houses, but not the quality? Learn which cheap tools make the grade and which don’t right here.

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Two Car Garage Gallery

Have a typical two-car garage and want to use it as effinciently as possible? You’ve come to the right place for ideas. Check it out.

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Plastic Bins