Fab Shop

I think the garage gallery might be my favorite forum on earth… Where else can you find so many smart ideas and great spaces? My latest favorite? Easy. Jay’s modern barn inspired fabrication shop. It’s glorious.

Check it out.

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A Magnetic Solution

I’m a bit of a neat freak when I’m working on my stuff. Frankly, I just can’t stand working on dirty parts or dirty cars or in a dirty shop… It makes me clumsy and messy which in turns makes every thing all the more dirty. It’s a viscous cycle that makes my head hurt contemplating.

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The MaxJax Portable 2-Post Lift

When the MaxJax lift was announced in our forums a few months ago, I decided I had to have one. It’s compact size was perfect for my low shop ceilings (9′) and I figured its portable posts would be great for when I just wanted to get the unit out of my way. In my mind, I considered the MaxJax Portable Lift to be a sort of replacement for my trusty floor jack and jack stands. I had one shipped to Texas as soon as I possibly could.

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Plastic Bins
Plastic Bins