Vintage Garage

This past weekend I was on a road trip with a good pal and his ’49 Ford. We broke down south of Oklahoma City on I35 and wound up just a few miles from my grandfather’s shop that was operational from 1936 to 1945 or so. About a decade a go, I found pop’s old shop space. Of course, it had been changed dramatically and was just barely recognizable… In any case, the experience reminded me of my love for old tin buildings, garages, and structures. I’ve been on a photo hunt ever since. The above is the best I’ve found. Nothing says functional elegance like a hard working building for hard working men. To me, they are even more beautiful than the most modern of buildings filled with the hippest of cars. Give me tin, bare concrete, and barn doors any day…

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This is genius. You know when you have that tube of RTV out and you just need a squirt of it? Typically, you simply stick a nail or screw in the freshly cut nozzle and hope for the best the next time you have to use that tube. Of course, it’s always a screwy mess of partially dried and tacky RTV that you have to fight through to get to the fresh stuff. No more fellas…

Check out the Twist-n-seal from Lee Valley. I just ordered mine.

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The Skil 18v Lithium-Ion Tool Set

For reasons unknown to any rational person I know, Skil decided to send us a set of their latest 18v Lithium-Ion power tools for review. A risky move on their part primarily because I’m known in the industry for not pulling any punches and because cordless power tools, by nature, are so easy to be critical of. Sure they are portable and handy and all of that, but often they lack the power and the endurance to stand up to the rigors of a guy that REALLY uses them.

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The Craftsman AXS Chest

I was tooling around today and stumbled upon the “AXS chest.” Now, most of you have probably already guessed that I’m more into vintage tool storage that has stood the test of time and has the patina to prove it. However, something about this little gizmo intrigued me. It’s all frivolous and really unneeded for the most part, but…

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Plastic Bins
Plastic Bins