The Craftsman AXS Chest

I was tooling around today and stumbled upon the “AXS chest.” Now, most of you have probably already guessed that I’m more into vintage tool storage that has stood the test of time and has the patina to prove it. However, something about this little gizmo intrigued me. It’s all frivolous and really unneeded for the most part, but…

The AXS features:

  • Full-extension, self-closing ball-bearing slides with a 75 lb. load capacity.
  • Stacked I-Frame design.
  • Multi-functional message-center that delivers day, date, time, indoor/outdoor temperature, timer and alarm functions.
  • Master Lock One-Key learning lock system allows chest and roll-away to be keyed alike.
  • Slide-out worklights provide task lighting.
  • Fiberglass reinforced side handles.
  • Backlit Craftsman nameplates.
  • Custom AXS accessories available separately include: drawer liners and labels, portable tool case, remote temperature sensor, six-outlet power strip, USB adapter, tool box wax, casters and under roll-away accent lighting.

I have no idea why a fella would need an alarm clock or backlit Craftsman nameplates on his tool box, but I gotta admit the self closing drawers seem novel. I rekon if batman needed a tool box, the AXS might fit the bill.

It’s a new product and is already marked down to $494.99 (from $549.99), so I guess the batman market has proven to be a small one.

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