Great Garage Makeovers

So the editors of Wood Magazine contacted us a few months ago and asked if we would help them out on a new print magazine they were working on. It sounded interesting, so we volunteered and quickly pointed them to some of our favorite members on the forum. The folks at Wood Magazine took that ball and ran like hell. Some of you already know this story as your garages are featured in the magazine. In fact, many of the features found in this first issue came from right here –

Coming from WOOD, you’d think that most of the content would focus on our wood working brothers, but that’s not the case. They did a great job of covering all aspects of garages and garage organization. There are loads of ideas from floor to the ceiling; entertainment garages and man caves to hardworking garages for the grease mechanics and the sawdust makers. These are real garages and real people–the kind of neighbors like you who roll up the garage door and expect the neighbors to drop by.

In any case, pick up an issue if you get a chance. This particular issue is scheduled to be on the newsstands on Feb. 16. Two familiar outlets will be Lowe’s and The Home Depot ($6.95 retail). Or, you can order a copy from

The editors are already planning another issue of Great Garage Makeovers. If you know of a worthy garage project for inclusion, send an e-mail to

And don’t forget to mention!

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