The Living Room Garage Gallery

How’s this for eccentric? Some guy in Tokyo with a ton of money needed a comfortable house for his family and his Lambos. You know, a modern affair with all the greatest mid-century appointments and design icons. Of course, that’s not the eccentric part. He also wanted to be able to park his Lambo flavor of the day in the living room… on a whim…

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The Amish Build A Barn

Man… Amish folks know a thing or two about hard work and craftsmanship, don’t they?

Check this out.

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Best Made Co.

Honestly, I don’t know diddly about what makes a great Axe. I just don’t have a need for one… That said, I know a lot about great marketing, design, and communication. If Best Made Co. makes axes half as good as they market their products, then these must be damned fine tools. Ironically enough, they are all hand made in New York City. New York City?

Take some time to check out their site. It’s inspirational…

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Workbenches Galore

I know we have a ton of posts on the Garage Journal covering work benches, their construction, and all of the theories behind their design. However, a buddy of mine over at Make Magazine turned me onto a Flikr account that you guys have got to check out. Essentially, a guy in rural Oklahoma (God’s Country… Go Sooners!) is obsessed with work bench design and posted a gallery of just about all of his designs both past and present. It’s well worth checking out if you are getting ready to build some new benches as some of his ideas are pretty damned creative.

Start studying now!

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The Garage Condo

Despite these economic times, garage condos seem to be gaining in popularity. The idea is simple… A developer takes care of the complications – he develops the land, builds the structures, and sets up the infrastructure. The car guy then buys a unit and outfits it as he sees fit. He pays that initial sum and then is responsible for a monthly or annual HOA fee that takes care of any community spaces, landscaping, security, etc… It’s a cool concept if you have the expendable income.

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