Leather Tool Roll

I’ve long been a fan of tool rolls. In fact, I have vintage WWII tool rolls in every one of my portable tool boxes. They are just so damned simple and do their jobs so well that you can’t beat them with anything else. Eric at Hot Rod Leather had heard of my passion for rolled tools and sent over one of his new products – a handmade leather tool roll.

As soon as I got it unpacked and filled with tools I knew Eric had stumbled upon something marvelous. These things are cleverly designed and constructed with the kind of leather that just gets better each time you roll it up, drop it in your box, or just generally beat the hell out of it. I mean, this is THICK leather folks and it was stitched and riveted right here in the good ole USA by an American craftsman.

Put simply, I’m in love… Even at $139, these are one hell of a value. Get yours here.

Coincidently, Eric also sent me another few items… I’ll review them just as soon as I get a chance to use them!

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