The Garage Condo

Despite these economic times, garage condos seem to be gaining in popularity. The idea is simple… A developer takes care of the complications – he develops the land, builds the structures, and sets up the infrastructure. The car guy then buys a unit and outfits it as he sees fit. He pays that initial sum and then is responsible for a monthly or annual HOA fee that takes care of any community spaces, landscaping, security, etc… It’s a cool concept if you have the expendable income.

I stumbled across one in Minneapolis the other day and figured I would share it with you guys. Units start at $39,000 for a 13′ by 25′ unit and go up from there. Association fees are $100 a month and this gives you access to a clubhouse as well as a variety of community tools. The possibilities (and the costs for that matter) are pretty much endless. The example unit shown below sold for around $99,000 un-finished… It’s pretty damned gorgeous.

More details here.

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