The Quirky Switch

This is pretty bitchin’… Quirky put their noggins towards developing a modular multi-tool. They came up with the Switch, which is essentially a folding tool with interchangeable bits. Depending on your needs and the size of the tool you want to carry, you simply add or omit bits. Ingenious… I wonder if it’s as durable or reliable as a Leatherman?

I think I’ll order one and report back.

Check out all of the detailsĀ here.

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X-Ray Scan Shirt

I love Graham Tool. Sure, they have some gimmicky stuff to go along with their useful inventory, but I admire how they have fun with what they are doing. In a world of stuffy tool sales guys it’s just refreshing – ya know?

In any case, you know what else I totally dig? Tradition.

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The Megabench

Our pals over at Make found another hidden jewel. Some man-room-maniac decided to build the ultimate work bench. As he did so, he recorded the process with his digital camera and uploaded the results to Flickr. We’ve got a ton of great work bench threads on TGJ and this is a worthy addition.

Check it out.

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EZ-Out Stories and Methods

A few months ago, I was was presented with a project that featured a broken EZ-Out in the oil pressure port (located next to the distributor) of a small block Chevrolet. I’ll spare you the details, but I’ve been putting off the project simply because the only thing I loathe more than an EZ-Out is a broken EZ-Out. Well, it’s time to get at it…

More than likely, this motor is gonna have to be pulled, disassembled, and the problem fixed. I realize that… But, before we go to the effort I thought it would be prudent to check in with the folks of The Garage Journal and see what they have to say. Maybe you guys have a tip or trick you can pass on. Is their some super hard drill bit on the market that could slowly drill this sucker out? An EZ-EZ-Out perhaps?

Let’s here your stories and techniques based around working on the damnedest of tools…

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Plastic Bins
Plastic Bins