The Vices of The Garage Journal

This thread actually started in November of 2009. It has quickly become one of my favorite threads on the site… If you are into vices (and who isn’t?), you need to do yourself a favor and spend the next half hour digging on this!

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DOGFIGHT Magazine!

We’ve recently introduced a new site to the Atomic Network and while it’s still currently under BETA testing, I figured I would give you fellas a heads up. DOGFIGHT Magazine will cover the American and European quest for speed. It will do so without a concerned focus on tradition, but an absolute dedication to performance. The premise is really quite simple and based around the very foundation of hot rodding – take something stock, whether it be a 1969 Camaro or a 2010 Ford GT, and make it perform better on the street, the drag strip, the road course, the circle track, or even the salt/lake bed.

Like I said, the site is still under development. I did, however, want to make you guys aware as I know a few of you are really into this kind of thing.

So, click here to ENGAGE!

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The Gas Station Attendant

This is pretty rad… Steve Johnson is a forum member and a sponsor. He runs and happens to be heavy into nostalgic gas and oil stuff. Recently he got the idea to reproduce the old station attendant oil can stands. They are done and ready to go and are available in just about any brand you can imagine. Check it out:

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Moriarity’s Lawn Mower

Mark Moriarity is a bit of a legend in some circles. He’s probably the world’s most renowned restorer off all things crazy and wacky from the late 1950’s up through the 1960’s. He’s restored and owned many original Ed Roth cars, the Car Craft Dream Rod, the Futurian, and others. Put shortly, the man knows his shit.

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Just An Old Garage

This is just about as neat of a post as you are gonna find here on The Garage Journal. I got an email from one our new members and rather than restate it with glowing words, I figured I would just cut and paste the contents:

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