Garage Door Security

I’ve always just tied my garage doors into my home security system using senors similar to those posted above. It works, but it’s admittedly clumsy. The wireless outfits are scary simply because they are battery powered. The wired units seem more industrial and I have had decent luck with them, but I’ve always wondered if there is a better way… or perhaps a more secure backup.

What do you guys do to secure your garage doors? Extra locks? Alarm sensors? Something else? Fill us in without giving away your security.

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Swedish Military Boxes

Looking for some handy bench top organizers for your work bench? The Swedes solved this problem with some bitchin’ and reportedly indestructible “organization” boxes. I was first drawn to them simply because I love they way they look, but I actually got my hands on one over the weekend and can report back that they are made well enough to be miniature tool boxes.

Very cool indeed… I searched online and this joint seems to be the only place selling them ($100). Look around at your local surplus stores and you might be able to find them cheaper.

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Walk Thru Garage Doors

I stumbled on these garage doors and thought they were interesting. Essentially, they implement a man-door in a working/traditional garage door. At first thought, this might seem like a double up of sorts but in certain applications this could prove to be really handy.

You can check them out here.

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Let me guess… You are half way through your garage remodel and have lost steam. You are beginning to wonder why in the hell you started to begin with. Too much work, too much sweat, too much bother…

Chin up my friend – I’ve got just what you need. A few weeks ago a thread started on the forums dedicated to “Garages At Night.” It just might be the most inspirational post we’ve had here at The Garage Journal. If you need it, go and get it here.

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Plastic Bins
Plastic Bins