The Hot Rod Magazine Shop

Earlier this week, we featured Vern Tardel’s shop space. It was built over decades of hard wear and tear and has the soul and personality to prove it. Today’s feature, in contrast, is brand spanking new and fresh… See, my pals over at Vault Garage were given the opportunity to do a makeover of Hot Rod Magazine’s tech shop. The job will be featured on an upcoming episode of Garage Mahal on the DIY Network, so they wanted to do something that featured their cabinetry work as well as something that would be impactful as all hell on the small screen.

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My Favorite Garage In The World

A lot of you fellas know that I am a vintage Ford freak. To put it shortly, that’s where everything starts with me. I love old Fords. More specifically, I love old Ford Hot Rods. And so, it would only make sense that my favorite Garage in the world is actually an old Barn or two stuffed full with vintage hot rods and parts. I call it the Flathead Ranch… and it’s owned by Vern Tardel – a worldly known traditional hot rodder and a very close family friend.

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The Art Of SIimplicity

Recently we had a gentlemen post pictures of his garage in the gallery. It’s a modern space filled mostly with vintage European performance. The contrast of the vintage mechanicals with the modern space creates something that will leave you awe… It’s impressive.

Stop what you are doing and check this thread out – all of it.

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Secret Stash

This is an odd one, but I just had to post it. Some students at some school had to come up with some concepts for stashing “secret” objects around everyday objects. In turn, some student came up with this super stealthy bench top.

Check it out:

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Floor Jack Time

I’ve been using the same floor jack for over 15 years. I think I bought it at a garage sale in Norman, OK… It has served me well through the years, but I’m finally ready to step up and get something that is more convenient. See, most of my old cars sit pretty damned low and the traditional jack just won’t get under them for the most part. As a result, I find myself driving up on old 2×4’s or anything else that can give me the extra lift to get a jack under the car.

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Plastic Bins
Plastic Bins