Downtown Desoto Dealership

This is so rad. Located about 75 miles outside of Kansas City is a little town named Clinton, MO. Jim Raysik is the owner of most of the town’s modern car dealerships, so it only makes sense that he also owns the original DeSoto dealership building that was constructed in 1951.

Turning his back on community development and “progress,” Jim decided to restore the building and use it as a display case of sorts for his vintage car collection. The result is amazing…

Check it out here.

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Gerstner & Sons

I love Gerstner boxes. A good pal of mine gave me an absolutely mint Apprentice box a few years ago and I’ve been kind of taken by the legacy of the company ever since. Recently, I stumbled upon an interview with the grandson of the founder of Gerstner. I thought you guys might enjoy it as well.

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Arc AAA Flashlight

I have terrible lighting in my garage. It’s my own fault really… I just haven’t gotten around to addressing it yet. Still, work goes on. I use all kinds of supplement clamp-on lights and what not, but I find myself reaching for my little AAA penlight most often. It’s an incredibly well made (in the USA by god) light that seems to be absolutely indestructible and is brighter than I dare claim. Somewhat grossly, it works great when you are on your back working under a dash (or something similar) simply because it’s easily “mouthable.”

Anyway, I use the Arc AAA and have for years. What do you use for supplemental lighting?

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Plastic Bins
Plastic Bins