Estwing Hammer

So I lost my RIP hammer about two months ago – long story… I don’t do a lot of carpentry work and only really need a hammer for projects around the house – nothing major. A such, I haven’t been in a real hurry to replace my old pounder. And then I stumbled across this leather handled Estwing. It’s a one-piece forged hammer weighing in at about 16oz and it’s absolutely gorgeous. How can a hammer be gorgeous? Hell, I dunno… But this one is. And it’s made in America.

Check it out.

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A 24′ by 46′ Studio Garage

I love modern architecture and I love the way Curt and his pops are finishing out this space. I’m gonna be following this one like a hawk as the project comes to completion.

Check out the thread here.

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Optivision 905 Condor Level

This is pretty smart… The guys at Optivision basically borrowed an idea from old rangfinder cameras to create a level with a highlighted bubble. In turn, the level is much easier to read than your standard level. I’ve got no idea how much these run, but I sure do like the idea.

Check it out here.

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The Grip Tip

A buddy of mine has a construction project going on at the moment and I stopped by yesterday to check progress. The contractor was kind of setting the scene for me when I noticed something funny on the end of his tape measure.

“It’s a grip tip. It keeps my tape from sliding off of stuff when I don’t want it to. Works too!”

Huh. I had never seen one and figured I would do some research. Sure enough… It’s called the “Grip Tip” and they are available in packs of two for $3.

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Plastic Bins
Plastic Bins