The Gary Howard Fund…

I’m betting a lot of you guys don’t know who Gary Howard is. It would take me thousands of words to elaborate on the man as a custom car builder and as a person. In my mind, he’s the most accomplished traditional custom craftsman of our day and he backs that up by being quiet, soft spoken, shy… and more genuine that you could ever imagine. You can read more about him here.

In any case, Gary had a shop fire this past week. Something electrical went haywire in the attic of the building that holds his paint booth and he woke to find a charred mess. He has as much insurance as he can afford and it looks like he will be able to put up another building. BUT, the Texas clan is getting together in an effort to make life as easy as possible for him until then. He needs to get back to work and we’ve been trying to put together enough dough to cover the stuff insurance won’t.

Again, I know most of you guys don’t know Gary from Adam… But if you have a dollar to spare for a real good guy and a legend, we would sure appreciate the gesture. You can contribute to the Gary Howard fund here.

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Nature’s Broom

So I got an email from these folks a couple of days ago and they wanted me to check out their product – Nature’s Broom. Essentially, it’s a “kitty litter” replacement for oil spills in your shop. I haven’t gotten around to doing my own test, but a buddy of mine did and he put it up on his site. Looks pretty damned remarkable – right? Has anyone else out there given it a shot? Report back with your findings!

You can get more details here.

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Simple Showroom Work Shop

Many garages you see on The Garage Journal are showroom garages. They are built to show off toys – not to work on them. Others you see are fully functional working garages – they work hard, but show it. One of things I’ve always appreciated about the above garage is that it can do both equally as well… XcYZ’s garage was posted about a year ago and I still find myself going back to it to study the details. It’s just expertly done.

Check it out here.

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The Intimidator

This isn’t entirely on topic, but I thought you guys would enjoy this incredible documentary. Ever since he was a little boy, Bart Hickey has always loved cars – so it’s only natural that he became a mechanic. In fact, he has his own car shop, called Bart’s Auto and Towing or B.A.T. The name is very apt, because Bart is blind as a bat since birth. Enjoy the video above…

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Getting Rid Of Snow

Considering the weather making its way around the country today, I figured it was as good a time as any to highlight one of my favorite winter time posts on The Garage Journal forums. This is a thread that has been on going for years and just continues to get better. It’s pretty incredible to see all of the inventive and traditional methods people use to clear their drives and roads.

See for yourself right here.

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Plastic Bins
Plastic Bins