Atomic Industry World HQ: Part 4 (FLOORS!)

I had originally intended to leave the floors of the Atomic Industry World HQ natural. The idea being that natural concrete works perfectly with our overall industrial look. However, the more I thought about it the more I didn’t want to deal with keeping natural concrete clean. I wanted something I could mop.

After talking it over with my architect and wife, we all concluded that some type of clear sealer would be the best bet. So, I made a call to one of our sponsors – Legacy Industrial. In turn, the guys at Legacy turned me onto their Urethan Sealer. It’s a single component product, so it’s very easy to apply and it gives your concrete a “wet” look once cured. I was sold and called a good pal and one of Texas’ premier concrete guys (Jimmy Mungle of the world famous Mungle Bros.) to help me apply the product.

Our concrete pad is fairly old and came complete with many oil stains, cracks, and other imperfections. None of this really bothered me as it all kind of worked with the industrial look we wanted. However, for the sealer to bond we really needed to clean the hell out of the space. Mungle put his machines to work and spent hours cleaning the joint. It was hard work, but when we were done we had a concrete pad that damned near looked new.

The new look wouldn’t last long. We laid down the first coat of the sealer and the stains that were once on the concrete began to surface again – exactly as I had hoped. By the time the second coat was down and cured, we were left with an incredibly warm floor with tons of character. Even better, the surface feels bullet proof. The best way I can describe it with words is to say that it’s as if the floor was shellacked with an inch of a impossibly hard ice. I’m quite taken with it.

That said, my endorsement doesn’t mean much. I’m not a concrete guy. Jimmy Mungle is… What does he think? He’s converted as well… He loved the ease at which the product went down and has every reason to believe that the floor will be durable in the long-term as well. Legacy Industrial has been added to his rolodex.

In any case, enjoy the pictures:



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