Atomic Industry World HQ: Part 6 (Lighting)

This will probably be one of the shortest posts of the build. From day one, I knew exactly what I wanted for lighting in and on this building… I wanted simple and functional – no thrills. As an example, I have two basic “tasks areas” in the building – the kitchen sink area and the bathroom sink area. To light each, I used basic porcelain fixtures with no shades. Add a 60-watt soft white bulb and I’m in business.

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Atomic Industry World HQ: Part 5 (The Door)

As found, our building had a 10′ by 10′ rollup bay door. From a functionality perspective, this door was fine. It was a simple and secure door that allowed me to park a hot rod in my office. However, I really wanted to add more light to the space and neither myself or the architect was happy with the look of the old door. As such, we decided that an industrial styled glass bay door would be the ticket.

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Squeegee Broom

My family knows me as a bit of a Griot’s whore. When it’s time to get me a gift, they just head on over to their website and pick stuff at random. Works for me… Works for them… In any case, my last gift was a Squeegee Broom. I figured it to be good for water obviously, but with the new office/shop coming together I had an opportunity to use it as a general broom. It rules. The latex bristles pick up just about everything and a simple “hosing” gets it as clean as can be. Pretty damned brilliant.

You can check it out here.

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Plastic Bins
Plastic Bins