Bosch L-Boxx

I love modular stuff… It’s just fun to organize and play with and… STACK! And that’s kind of the idea behind the new Bosch L-Boxx system. Bosch has created a number of boxes in different sizes that are supposedly incredibly durable, light, and most importantly – stackable. The result is a mobile tool box system great for fellas that work on multiple job sites.

The Bosch press release on the L-Boxx has been making the rounds for the past week or so, but I’ve yet to see anyone actually review them. I’d do it, but I don’t have a need. Maybe one of you guys do? If I can get my hands on a few, I’ll make an announcement and pick a reviewer.

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1966 Ford Truck By Big “A” Detailing

We don’t typically feature cars here on The Garage Journal, but one of our members put a lot of effort into this and we felt obliged to show it off… Even with the large rolling stock, this little truck feels right on these pages anyhow – it’s classic and feels old, right? And you fellas know how I fall for old stuff.

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The Shop Fan

When I was designing my shop space, I didn’t want to use ceiling fans. Not only do they take up precious ceiling space, but most modern offerings leave a lot to be desired from a style standpoint. Even so, I wanted to be able to move air efficiently and liked the idea of having a fan of some kind. What to do? I fell back on old favorite of mine – vintage fans…

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A Gallery Of Lifts…

I was cruising the Garage Gallery this morning and came across this thread full of nothing but images of lifts. It’s still a young thread, but it’s on its way to glory… I’m particularly taken by the single post supporting the 356. Story developing…

Check it out.

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Plastic Bins
Plastic Bins