Task Lighting

I prefer to light all of my work areas individually rather than flood an entire space with light. I’ve got no idea if this is the appropriate way to do things, but it certainly works for me. In any case, for years I’ve used different kinds of vintage (of course) lighting with differing results. I rewire just about all of these vintage fixtures I get, but many are either incredibly inefficient and go through bulbs like crazy or are just flat out unreliable.

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$100 and a 2-Car Garage…

What would you do with a budget of only $100 and a 2-car garage space?

This ain’t half bad.

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Storage Shed Conversion

You know those little storage shed kits you see parked outside of Lowe’s and Home Depot? Recently, I stumbled upon a watch maker that had converted one into a machine shop in miniature. He had insulated the walls and ceiling, added nicer windows and doors, installed a really cool and affordable Pergo floor, air conditioning, etc… He ended up with an incredibly cool (if small) little space to work on his time pieces for a total price of under $10,000.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a camera with me so I could impress you guys with pictures. But, I did notice we have a member that has accomplished something similar here. It got me wondering how many of you guys have done the same thing. Have you converted a storage shed? If so, post pics!

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Demo Hammer

I had nothing worthy of posting this morning, so I went out on the prowl looking for something cool… I think found it, cuz what’s cooler than a big damned hammer? The 8-pound Jackson “Total Control Demolition” Hammer was designed purely to take down walls. Apparently, the 36-inch fiberglass handle is lighter and safer than wood and features non-slip TPE padding to reduce hand fatigue while you’re smashing shit apart. Cool right?

If your regular old sledge hammer isn’t good enough for you, check this thing out.

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The Garage Journal Alliance

So as a lot of you know, I was planning on launching The Garage Journal Alliance last month. However, I ran into an issue and have delayed the launch for another month or so. Essentially, the Alliance toolbox tags weren’t of the quality that I was expecting. So, I threw em all away and have started over. With any luck, the new tags will be ready to go in the next 30 or so days and I’ll be able to get this thing going.

Thanks for your patience fellas… More soon.

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Plastic Bins
Plastic Bins