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So I’ve been following Rothaus’ build thread on his “Airboxer Garage” and stumbled upon his simple little trick to efficiently capture left over oil residue. Not only is it great for almost finished oil canisters, but it would also be nice for funnel storage.

Anyway, the whole thing made me think of simple tips & tricks for the garage that you don’t see every day. Everyone has one… What’s yours?

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Red Garage Doors

The red garage doors are so choice… And the rest ain’t bad either. Check out the full build here.

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AE Performance Wharehouse

I stumbled upon the above feature the other day and found it to be incredibly fascinating. Obviously, this is a collection of some really great cars (GT40 for me please), but the way they are stored or “collected” amazes me. Stacking car on top of car on lift after lift brings me back to my days of Hot Wheel collecting when I was a kid. See, I was lucky enough to have the Hot Wheels Garage Carrying case and if you know it, you know it stored cars just like AE Performance does. Awe… If I only had the means…

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Vintage Battery Chargers

I was on a 2200 mile road trip in a ’65 Buick Riviera last week and had the opportunity to check out lots of small time shop spaces in the process. In doing so, I ran across an Atlas battery charger that I absolutely fell in love with. I didn’t have a camera handy at the time, but found an identical model with a quick Google search. Love. Lust. Damn.

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Plastic Bins
Plastic Bins