A Real Blast Cabinet


My experience with blast cabinets hasĀ been based around cheap Chinese made units. You know the drill – pay $100 initially and then double that on parts for modifications (so it will actually work) and then add on a few hours of labor. In the end, I’ve always ended up with a half ass solution that’s only big enough for the smallest of parts.

In the past few weeks, the Atomic Shop has actually morphed into a working hot rod shop (more on that later) and as we tooled up, we decided it was time for a real blast cabinet. I called up the boys at TP Tools and ordered their 970 blast cabinet not really knowing what to expect for the fairly large sum of money that I forked over.

When the cabinet arrived a week later, I was met by an All American Made brute of a metal box. The work area is 58″ wide by 28″ deep by 28″ tall and features a door sizable enough to passĀ just about anyone’s mother-in-law through. Everything, and I do mean everything, is fabricated to the standards of a brick shit house.

This cabinet is what people think about when they talk about American Manufacturing.

In any case, that’s all well and good – but how does this thing work? Exceptionally well.

For the past two weeks, we’ve been blasting both large and small parts on a daily basis. The included vacuum does a great job keeping the air clean, the lighting is bright, the gloves are comfortable, and the whole thing sits at a perfect height for stool operation.

Anyway… There you have it. If you are one of those guys that keeps buying cheap blasting cabinets and modifying them to work, just stop. Do yourself a favor and buy something that actually works out of the box – in the long run, you will save yourself both grief and time.

I don’t know if they get any better than this.

Editor’s Note: Excuse the temporary airline in the pics below. We haven’t had a chance to grab a proper feed yet.


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