Oil Drain Pans

Alright fellas… I’ve had it. I’m done with those crappy plastic oil catch pans that you buy at the typical national autoparts chain. I’m just done with them…

My typical scenario goes like this:

  • – I take three crappy plastic pans to the parts store and drain them while I buy new oil/filters.
  • – I come home, fill the crappy plastic pans with used oil, and fill the cars with the fresh stuff.
  • – I then stack the crappy plastic pans with used oil in a corner of my shop until I need to change oil again.


Sounds workable, right? The problem is, the crappy plastic oil pansĀ feature crappy plastic threads on their drains and these crappy plastic threads don’t hold up to the torque required to keep the crappy plastic pans from leaking all over my beautiful floors.

I’m so done. Cost is no object. This problem must be solved. Through searching, I’ve found these steel units pictured above. I’d rather have something that seals up, but I guess I could fabricate a lid for one of these things. However, the reviews online of these aren’t all positive.

I’m wondering… What do you guys do?

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Plastic Bins
Plastic Bins