The Atomic Shop: A Working Update

Given that it’s been a year since our last update on the Atomic Garage, I thought it might interesting to have an update of sorts. The above video is actually some test footage taken for another project, but in it you can kind of see how the space has progressed. Admittedly, it’s a mess at the moment as we just finished a major thrash for a local show. After our next clean up, I’ll get some footage of the joint in it’s more typical state – operational like an operating room.

In any case, if you are interested you can read the build thread covering the shop here.

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Ryobi Garage Door Opener

So this thing just dropped from Ryobi and from the sounds of it, it’s pretty damned cool. Essentially it’s a 2hp garage door opener that becomes a sort of HUB for your garage. Through a host of modular accessories, you can add a fan, more lights, a cord reel, and even a bluetooth speaker. Admittedly, some of this stuff is just silly but I really admire the innovation of thought here from a company that I’ve never really given much thought too. In my opinion, this could grow into a nice little cottage industry.

Anyway, details from Ryobi here. And yeah, Home Depot is already selling them.

Editor’s Note: This isn’t a review… In fact, I’ve never even seen one of these units. I just got a press release for the thing in my inbox and thought I would feature it.

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The Samurai Workbench

I don’t do a lot of wood working, so this isn’t a bench I’d use… But I have to admit, I love watching this guy build this thing. It’s gorgeous.

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Your Favorite Hammer

I’ve got nothing for ya today… Absolutely nothing… Well, nothing other than my favorite hammer. Hammers are one of those things that you just bond with – you know? They are very tactile and by definition, simply purposeful. I just love hammers…

Anyway, the ball peen job above is my favorite. I’ve had it for probably 20 years and don’t remember where I got it or who made it. It’s marked with a “Made in the USA” stamp, but that’s it for identifying marks. And yeah, I’ve replaced the handle once. The head is still OG…

But this all got me thinking – we need a thread full of hammers and nothing but hammers. So, post your favorite.

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The Mennonite Barn Build

A special build is going down in Canada. This is one you are gonna want to watch as it happens. Just subscribe to this thread.

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