Bosch Wireless

So I guess this is a pretty big deal. Bosch is basically introducing the first inductive battery with wireless charging platform. The system is called “wireless” essentially because you don’t have to plug the battery into anything – you just set it on a base and it charges whether it is clipped into the tool or not. Now, this might not seem like a big deal to some of you, but it is… It’s the future really…  Just you wait.

You can buy it all here.

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An Airstream Workshop

Despite the fact that I have buddies that have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars restoring vintage Airstream trailers only to see them rot away in the driveway without use, I am not immune to the novelty and romance of the polished wonders. Here’s a guy though that has found a real use for his… Check it out.

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The SocketMate

I got an email from this guy just the other day… He’s working overtime in an effort to get an idea of his funded that he calls the “SocketMate.” Frankly, the SocketMate doesn’t solve any problems that I currently have, but I can see how others might find it pretty useful as a grab and go socket solution. Plus, I love to hear about a guy coming up with an idea and working his ass off to see it through. American way and all…

Anyway, full details here.

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Dremel 3D Printer

Did y’all see this coming? Dremel just released a 3D printer… $1000. And I guess online design tools and libraries are in the works. Soon, this kind of stuff is going to change the world.

Details here.

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THE Garage Door

Dear Garage Journal, What does a $75,000 garage door look like?

Dear reader, see above…


The Jealous…

P.S. Anyone know anything about this door other than the cost? It looks old, but?

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