Happy 4th

Happy 4th y’all…

Long Stock Storage


I was fumbling around the Garage Gallery this morning and saw a pretty smart solution for long stock storage. You can see the details here. The user was inspired by the photo above, but actually created a square box solution for more space efficiency. Pretty brilliant to utilize the voided space between joists in such a manner…

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Shipping Container Work Shop

So I was farting around on YouTube and ran into this kind of commercialized build of a shipping container work shop. I have no need for such a thing, but it did get my mind going… which, in turn, led me to looking for other container builds.¬†Although the production quality sucks, the video above covers what is probably the best I found.

These things are inventive as hell… Anyone ever built one?

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An Unknown Lift

So a new user just found something pretty cool… It’s a parallel lift of unknown origin, but looks to be built to handle some pretty heavy jobs. Know anything about it?

If so, click here and tell us!

Who The Hell Is PowerTorque Tools?

So I’m in my local O’Reilly Auto Parts store and while waiting on the incompetent parts guy to look up the irrelevant year, make, and model of a part that I was looking for, I peeped something on the “impulse buy” rack that shocked me. A company selling tools under the name of “PowerTorque” had apparently ripped off my great uncle’s wrench design and are now hocking them at O’Reilly.

Check it out.

Rad Chinese made tool, right? Now, dig on the patent my family filed in 1915.

What’s old is now new again… Bastards.

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