DIY Power Bank

Found on Reddit… It’s a pretty smart idea for building your own power bank. The fabrication could have been cleaner, but the idea is pretty solid.


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M18 Compact Vacuum & Other Shop Vac Options…

I’m (sort of) in need of a small and reasonably powerful Vac and noticed this job by Milwaukee (details)… I know this thing is newish, but I’m wondering if any of you fellas have experience with it?

Basically, I’m trying to decide between buying something like this plus a new box store shop vac or going all out and just buying what I’ve always wanted – a Festool – even if it means living without a smaller and more portable option. My 20 year old Craftsman shop Vac gave up the ghost today while providing dust collection for a router project. Ugh…

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The Chronicle

This is crazy… You know that guy in Texas that restores those gorgeous old machinist chests? Well, he just found a real gem. Essentially, the original owner used it as both a tool chest and a journal. On the back of each drawer are carvings of all the important dates in his life – from Pearl Harbor to the day the weather was 18-below in 1942.

Check out photos of the restored chest here.

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The Tool Tower

I love stuff like this… I got an email from Jesse Sotta the other day asking me to check out his mobile tool center. Essentially, he’s just a guy like one of us with an idea and a pretty damned noble cause – build a better way… And I don’t know if this cart is a better way or not, but I sure do like what I see. And there’s no doubt – this thing would last through just about any kind of apocalypse.

Check out the details here.

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The Specialized Tools Of Traditional Hot Rodding

I thought you guys would get a kick out of this… A couple of weeks ago, I started a thread on the H.A.M.B. asking folks to take pictures of the vintage tools they use to work on their hot rods. The result is a honey pot of amazing images and tools.

I really, really like this stuff…

Check it out.

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Plastic Bins