The Charles Collinge Hinge

So I spent some time in London last week and ran into a bit of history while doing so… An English buddy of mine and I were standing outside a pub when I noticed a gorgeous set of old carriage doors on the building. What struck me most was the hinges… I asked my buddy about them and a history lesson began.

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A Stahlwille Themed Garage

I’m going out of town for a bit… While I’m gone, spend some time digging on relatively new shop build. You’ll be glad ya did!

Check it out.

Worst Tool Ever…

We feature a lot of really great tools here at The Garage Journal… and that’s exactly what I was looking to feature today. But then, I got to thinking – maybe we are neglecting the bad stuff in a bad way? So, I began looking for the worst tool ever made. I think I found it… It’s a 24″ wrench. It’s sculpted to look like a hand pinching the bolt. It strips the unstripable.

Think you can top me? Add yours as a reply.

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WWII Inspired Shop

We havne’t featured a shop thread in a while, so how about a WII inspired space with lots of creative detailing?

Follow along here.

Mystery Vice Grips

What you see above is a pair of vintage vice grips that a buddy of mine got from an old locksmith. What makes them special is that no matter the thickness of the material you are clamping, the jaws stay parallel to each other. This is done through an intricate cam system hidden by it’s stamped and riveted body.

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Plastic Bins
Plastic Bins