The Every Day Screwdriver

Does anyone else share my obsession for vintage keychain screwdrivers? I ask… because, well I think I might have a problem. And these things aren’t always cheap. Here’s a small selection. Some I own, some I don’t. What you got?

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The Carport

Often times, garages become workshops and cars find themselves left out in the elements. The most cost effective solution for this is the carport. Problem is, most carports lack thoughtful and elegant designs. And that got me thinking – we need a thread dedicated just to car ports. A gallery of sorts for people to browse.

If you have images of carports that go beyond the typical metal structure, post them as a reply!

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Duff Mfg. Jack Stands

You know those high end “urban salvage” places that find industrial goods at auction, wire wheel them, price them astronomically, and then market them to interior designers? I found the above jack stands at one of those places. And I would have bought them, but the pair was priced at $650.

The thing is, I loathe jack stands. I don’t like using them, I don’t like storing them, I just don’t like them… and really, this is the only reason I have a lift. So, getting me to buy a pair of $650 jack stands is next to impossible – even if they just might be the coolest jack stands in the world.

Apparently, they were made sometime in the early 1900’s by Duff Mfg. in Pittsburg, Pa.

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Organizing 1/4″ Bits

I had no good way of organizing 1/4″ bits… and I seemingly had hundreds of them in varying degrees of usability. So, google to the rescue… I found the above from Lee Valley. It’s designed and sold as a tool box organizer that can hold anything from sockets to screwdrivers (with little plastic clips), but screw all that noise – I just bought the board and it works great for bit storage (450 of them).

Details here.

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The Lista Storage Wall

So the “organization” part of my shop build has taken way longer than I ever expected. Once the joint was up and pseudo operational, I had a bunch of projects to tendĀ to before I could really get down to making a place for everything. Which, honestly, has turned out to be a good thing. Working on projects in the shop while it was an organizational mess gave me a betterĀ understanding of what should go where.

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