Dremel 3D Printer

Did y’all see this coming? Dremel just released a 3D printer… $1000. And I guess online design tools and libraries are in the works. Soon, this kind of stuff is going to change the world.

Details here.

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THE Garage Door

Dear Garage Journal, What does a $75,000 garage door look like?

Dear reader, see above…


The Jealous…

P.S. Anyone know anything about this door other than the cost? It looks old, but?

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Vintage Forklift

I was farting around on Hemmings.com the other day and ran into the above. Pretty rad, right? It’s a Crosley powered forklift built just after the war and I’m in love with it. What I wouldn’t do…

Check out the full write up here.

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GearWrench & The Alliance: WIN NOW!!!

This is a pretty big deal… Essentially, the folks at GearWrench wanted to support the Alliance and have decided to do so by giving away a 14-piece set of metric 120XP ratcheting wrenches to a new alliance member every day until Friday. That’s like a $311 value… Rad, right?

Here’s how it will work. At the end of each day, we are gonna randomly choose a member that bought into the Alliance and mail them a set of wrenches. Simple as that… And we are going to do it EVERY day this week.

How about that?

To learn more about the Alliance and to join, click here.

Good luck… and a special thanks to GearWrench for the support!

THIS CONTEST IS OVER – Thanks GearWrench!

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Trusco Box

The Trusco was first designed in 1947 by a witty Japanese man. The early units seem to last forever and you can still find them on Ebay in top shop. And while I have no idea if these new reproductions are worth a damn, they sure are pretty.

You can check them out here┬áin the MoMA store or all places…

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