Spyder Infested Shop

There’s a larger photo after the jump. Be sure to check it out… It’s a photograph of the Porsche wing that handled final assembly of the Spyder and it’s a thing of beauty. What jumps out to me the most is the architecture – I’m guessing this wing represents a quarter of a really large quonset hut. Note the race posters lining the walls. That’s pride fellas…

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Vintage Craftsman Bandsaw – DC Conversion

A few weeks ago, I found a beautifully restored Craftsman Bandsaw (103.24280) on Craig’s List. I called the guy and when I went to pick it up, I was greeted by a collection of gorgeous old wood working tools – all restored and all being used. I was mesmerized and taken aback by just how cool this old stuff is. The hook had taken hold… and I’m now fully and completely obsessed.

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The Milwaukee Rapid Charge Station

Honestly, I don’t need this thing. I’ve got a charger for both my M12 and M18 tools and I’ve haven’t found myself wanting for more than that, but… Milwaukee has been teasing this new rapid charger that charges both M12 and M18 batteries 40% faster than standard chargers for a few months now. It’s finally hitting the streets… and now, I want one.


The cheapest I’ve found is $169 from Acme. Here’s the link. I’ve got no affiliation with them – feel free to post cheaper prices if you find them.

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The Craftsman Block Grinder


Because dammit… Is there anything cooler than a vintage Craftsman block grinder? Sure there is, but not much.

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EPPCO Tool Box Liner

So I’m finally finished lining all of the drawers in my Lista boxes… I’ve said this before, but when I was done I felt as though I had just finished carpeting a two-bedroom apartment. So. Many. Drawers.

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