“THE” Watch Shop

I’ll spare you the watch dork details on exactly who Philippe Dufour is and what his accomplishments are. Just take my word for it – the man is a master with his hands. AND, he has the shop to prove it. Watch the above video and ignore the watch stuff (if you aren’t a timely man) and pay attention to his shop set up. It’s nothing short of gorgeous… and an inspiration.

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Atomic Shop Update: Floors Are Done

The pace is still slow, but there is still a pace… After getting the concrete work done in preparation for the Bendpak flush mount lift, I was finally in a place to deal with the floors. In the office space that is connected to this shop, you might remember that I used a Legacy Industrial product. That floor has been absolutely bullet proof and still looks as good as it did the day it went down, so I decided to go back to the boys at Legacy Industrial for the flooring in my shop.

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Boxes Of Wood

A few years ago, a good friend gave me an old Gerstner machinist chest as a gift. I’ve used as a watch box (another sickness of mine), but also as a starting point for another obsession – I love these old things – both classic Gerstners as well as more obscure and home made boxes.

Anyway, let’s see your wood tool boxes.

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Atomic Shop Update


Well this has taken longer than expected… We started the shop in the middle of November and I figured it would be wrapped up by Christmas, but the contractor I hired to erect the metal building proved to be less than competent in a lot of areas. Thankfully, however, he was an honest guy and things have worked out ok. In any case, the schedule has gone out the window.

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ShopRoll Tool Roll

I gotta thing for tool rolls. Most “late model” tool rolls seem to be lacking in both style and substance, but I own a ton of military tool rolls from WWII and Vietnam eras. I use them in my mobile tool boxes that I keep in my old cars and trucks. Today, however, I was racking my brain for a post and stumbled upon the Adventure Tool Company and their canvas offering. I dig it for three reasons:

1. It’s canvas… and has the look of the older rolls that I love so much.

2. It’s got a ton of accessory pockets which most older rolls don’t have. They are great for things like an extra points set, maybe some hardware, etc..

3. It’s made in the USA.

Check it out.

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Plastic Bins