The Mennonite Barn Build

A special build is going down in Canada. This is one you are gonna want to watch as it happens. Just subscribe to this thread.


They work for the privateers… And one of them is actually one of us… The fellas at Velomacchi have come up with a backpack design that is actually pretty relevant to guys that get shit done in their shop and then take it on the road.

This isn’t an advertisement. I wasn’t paid to feature this… I just really like the idea and these guys.

Details here.


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Spotless Rinse… That actually works…

I’ve always been enamored by the “spot free rinse” offered at my local DIY car wash places. It’s something I ponder every time I wave that rented wand around – water barely flowing as if it was only a half hearted attempt to piss after a single beer. Am I wasting my money and time with this thing? Does spot free rinsing actually work or is this some Jedi mind trick fostered by the marketing department at an evil car wash manufacturing plant located somewhere in Poughkeepsie?

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Vintage Jack Stands

I’ve decided we don’t have nearly enough images of vintage jack stands on this site… So, post em if you got em. Here’s a quick selection to get us going:

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A Mexican Palace

Somewhere in Mexico a man started to built a shop and then decided he needed a house too… Things gat crazy. Things got nuts. You can follow the whole thing in progress here. And trust me, you will be glad ya did.

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Plastic Bins