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Shipping Container Work Shop

So I was farting around on YouTube and ran into this kind of commercialized build of a shipping container work shop. I have no need for such a thing, but it did get my mind going… which, in turn, led me to looking for other container builds. Although the production quality sucks, the video above covers what is probably the best I found.

These things are inventive as hell… Anyone ever built one?

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Rogue Supply Work Benches

So these folks have been emailing me for a few weeks about their workbenches. I get a lot of these types of email and frankly, many of them get ignored as how many reviews can I really do before I come off looking like some kind of a flim-flam man?

Anyway, I was looking for something to post about and, on a whim, went to check out these benches. Holy cow… They seem legit. Very heavy duty, seemingly well made, and I love the modular approach that Rogue took. Given what they are, the prices aren’t too terribly out of line either.

Details here.

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A Ferrari Showroom

It’s sort of in fashion to say that “showroom” garages are a good example of excess gone wrong. And I get that line of thinking… I mean, what good is a garage that you can’t get dirty – right? But imagine having the kind of cash that allows a collection of Ferraris and needing a space to keep them all? You wanna grind and weld near a multi-million dollar vintage Ferrari?

Point is, the showroom garage is only lame until you actually need one.

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The Atomic Shop: A Working Update

Given that it’s been a year since our last update on the Atomic Garage, I thought it might interesting to have an update of sorts. The above video is actually some test footage taken for another project, but in it you can kind of see how the space has progressed. Admittedly, it’s a mess at the moment as we just finished a major thrash for a local show. After our next clean up, I’ll get some footage of the joint in it’s more typical state – operational like an operating room.

In any case, if you are interested you can read the build thread covering the shop here.

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A Mexican Palace

Somewhere in Mexico a man started to built a shop and then decided he needed a house too… Things gat crazy. Things got nuts. You can follow the whole thing in progress here. And trust me, you will be glad ya did.

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