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The Carport

Often times, garages become workshops and cars find themselves left out in the elements. The most cost effective solution for this is the carport. Problem is, most carports lack thoughtful and elegant designs. And that got me thinking – we need a thread dedicated just to car ports. A gallery of sorts for people to browse.

If you have images of carports that go beyond the typical metal structure, post them as a reply!

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The White Shop

So I’ve got a friend in the Porsche world that is getting ready to redo the inside of his professional shop. Like me, he grew up in Formula 1 shops… but unlike me, he’s actually disciplined enough to keep an all white shop clean and tidy. Plans call for a white epoxy floor, white Lista boxes, etc… He’s going the whole nine.

Anyway, I though it might be interesting to start a gallery thread of sorts. If you’ve got images of all white (or mostly white) shops, post them as a reply!

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Spyder Infested Shop

There’s a larger photo after the jump. Be sure to check it out… It’s a photograph of the Porsche wing that handled final assembly of the Spyder and it’s a thing of beauty. What jumps out to me the most is the architecture – I’m guessing this wing represents a quarter of a really large quonset hut. Note the race posters lining the walls. That’s pride fellas…

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Atomic Shop Update: The Work Bench

I’ve never owned what most professional mechanics would call a “nice” toolbox. In the past, I’ve used middle of the road Craftsman boxes almost exclusively. And frankly, I planned to continue down that same┬ápath when I started the new shop. My initial plan was to buy a couple of 44″ Harbor Freight boxes and then build a “Steevo inspired” workbench around them.┬áThat all changed once Joe from Motorhead Extraordinaire heard of my venture.

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The Latest “Steevo Inspired” Bench

The latest “Steevo Inspired” bench is a good one… done with a limited budget and unlimited imagination. If ya get a few minutes, you might check it out.

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