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An Airstream Workshop

Despite the fact that I have buddies that have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars restoring vintage Airstream trailers only to see them rot away in the driveway without use, I am not immune to the novelty and romance of the polished wonders. Here’s a guy though that has found a real use for his… Check it out.

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Atomic Shop Update: Floors Are Done

The pace is still slow, but there is still a pace… After getting the concrete work done in preparation for the Bendpak flush mount lift, I was finally in a place to deal with the floors. In the office space that is connected to this shop, you might remember that I used a Legacy Industrial product. That floor has been absolutely bullet proof and still looks as good as it did the day it went down, so I decided to go back to the boys at Legacy Industrial for the flooring in my shop.

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The Atomic Sign

My good pal, business partner, and long time sign painter (Mr. John Mearns of Sign Source) was in town last weekend for the Lonestar Round Up car show. Despite the unseasonably cloudy and cold weather we had here in Austin, we decided to tackle my building with some brushes and 1 Shot.

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The Electric Station

This is absolutely bitchin… A swede designer decided to make an electric work station inspired a 19th-century writing desk. It features a ton of drawers for storing solder, connectors, wire, etc… Plus, space for a built-in computer, a soldering system, and all kinds of other modern niceties. Inspiring.

Check it out.

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Lift Lights

I’ve been following this “White Fort” garage build in south Texas for a while now and just noticed some brilliance – flush mount LED lights frenched into the concrete under a lift. I mean, I’ve seen plenty of wall mounted fluorescents for lift lamination, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone do this. Why didn’t I think of that?

Check it out.

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