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Atomic Shop Update: The Work Bench

I’ve never owned what most professional mechanics would call a “nice” toolbox. In the past, I’ve used middle of the road Craftsman boxes almost exclusively. And frankly, I planned to continue down that same path when I started the new shop. My initial plan was to buy a couple of 44″ Harbor Freight boxes and then build a “Steevo inspired” workbench around them. That all changed once Joe from Motorhead Extraordinaire heard of my venture.

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The Latest “Steevo Inspired” Bench

The latest “Steevo Inspired” bench is a good one… done with a limited budget and unlimited imagination. If ya get a few minutes, you might check it out.

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The Perfect Man Cave


So, let’s say you live up north in the bitter cold… and you need a man cave. You know, a spot where you can store your guns, work on small projects, drink a beer or two, and write drunken letters to all your friends down south. What are you going to build?

I have the perfect template for you.

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Affordable Lighting Option…

In my opinion, there is no better lighting fixture than those made by Barnlight Electric. If you’ve never messed with one of their fixtures, just take my word for it… They are made like little tiny brick shit houses. Seriously. Of course, they aren’t cheap either… And that’s the problem I faced when I was looking for light fixtures to adorn my shop space that is currently coming together. To put it bluntly, I just didn’t have the budget for Barnlight this time around.

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An Airstream Workshop

Despite the fact that I have buddies that have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars restoring vintage Airstream trailers only to see them rot away in the driveway without use, I am not immune to the novelty and romance of the polished wonders. Here’s a guy though that has found a real use for his… Check it out.

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