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Slice Ceramic Box Cutters

People send me shit to review all the time. At first thought, this might seem like a nice perk to the job… and it is, but honestly 90% of the stuff I’m sent to review has no interest or value to me. Typically, this stuff ends up in a landfill somewhere and not on the site.

So, when Slice sent me a couple of their new ceramic box cutters they sat unopened in my office for a few weeks… I mean, what real innovation can their be in a utility knife? I just didn’t see a re-invented wheel here and didn’t rush to use them. But, I’ve been working on my new shop like a mad man as of late and have had lots of packaging to open and stuff that just needed to be cut. The Slice just happened to be around, so I opened it up and started using it with no legitimate thoughts towards usability, a review, or anything like that. I mean, I just had shit that needed cut, so I was cutting it!

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The Best Made 41D

Typically when I bring up Best Made on The Garage Journal, I’m left with a bunch of comments that reduce the company to an overpriced fashion retailer. And maybe those detractors have a point, but I can’t help myself – I’m a sucker for good design and the folks at Best Made do such a good job with the visual aspect of their products and projects, that I just don’t think about “value” quite as diligently as maybe I should.

In any case, Best Made just teamed with Gerstner to make the above pictured special edition 41D box. I’m in absolute love with it.

Check it out.

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The SocketMate

I got an email from this guy just the other day… He’s working overtime in an effort to get an idea of his funded that he calls the “SocketMate.” Frankly, the SocketMate doesn’t solve any problems that I currently have, but I can see how others might find it pretty useful as a grab and go socket solution. Plus, I love to hear about a guy coming up with an idea and working his ass off to see it through. American way and all…

Anyway, full details here.

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ShopRoll Tool Roll

I gotta thing for tool rolls. Most “late model” tool rolls seem to be lacking in both style and substance, but I own a ton of military tool rolls from WWII and Vietnam eras. I use them in my mobile tool boxes that I keep in my old cars and trucks. Today, however, I was racking my brain for a post and stumbled upon the Adventure Tool Company and their canvas offering. I dig it for three reasons:

1. It’s canvas… and has the look of the older rolls that I love so much.

2. It’s got a ton of accessory pockets which most older rolls don’t have. They are great for things like an extra points set, maybe some hardware, etc..

3. It’s made in the USA.

Check it out.

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Prazi Blades

I don’t do much wood work… mostly cuz I suck at it, but I have a buddy that’s a carpenter. Yesterday, I stopped by his joint and watched him build some hifalutin’ shelving system with open joints that was designed for a super modern house. Because of the open joints, his plywood (some crazy expensive material that I had never heard of) cuts had to be razor accurate. So what did he use?

The first and probably most important tool he was using for the job was a Festool circle saw. I’ve seen these in action before and they are simply gorgeous in looks and use. If I were a wood guy, you couldn’t stop me from owning one.

But, another little tool he had that I had never seen before were these little razor blade shaped pieces of carbon. He had them mounted in a typical razor blade handle and then used them as marking pencils against a straight edge. I didn’t wanna seem like a dumb ass, so I pretended I knew what they were all about and then went home and fired up google.

Prazi Accutrax Pencil Blade

Huh. Who knew?

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