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An Unknown Lift

So a new user just found something pretty cool… It’s a parallel lift of unknown origin, but looks to be built to handle some pretty heavy jobs. Know anything about it?

If so, click here and tell us!

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Spotless Rinse… That actually works…

I’ve always been enamored by the “spot free rinse” offered at my local DIY car wash places. It’s something I ponder every time I wave that rented wand around – water barely flowing as if it was only a half hearted attempt to piss after a single beer. Am I wasting my money and time with this thing? Does spot free rinsing actually work or is this some Jedi mind trick fostered by the marketing department at an evil car wash manufacturing plant located somewhere in Poughkeepsie?

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Woah… Check this shit out… Stealth black. No logos. Submersible to 1000-feet. Eighteen volts and one-thousand watts. Essentially, this $2000 cordless drill is overkill in every way imaginable.

More details here.


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Festool Dust Extractor

Ok fellas… My decade old Craftsman shop vac is on its last leg and it’s time to go a new. Typically, I’d just buy another cheap Craftsman and call it a day. Not that Craftsman is the best bang for the buck vac (or maybe it is), but it’s just not a purchase I want to spend hours researching. But… But… I’ve kind of always wanted a Festool Dust Extractor. Specifically, the Festool CT36.

So, this post is a call out to any of you that own them. Is this thing really worth the $700 asking price? Is it THAT nice? I have limited experience with Festool, but that experience does tell me that Festool makes incredible products that often break the rules of common thought. But a vacuum is a vacuum, right?

Talk me in or out of it.

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103.23140 Craftsman Drill Press

You guys remember my estate sale find from a few months ago, right? Well, just as soon as I got that old thing home I took it over to my buddy Curtis’ shop so that he could do a full restoration on it. He dropped it back off at our shop last week and the results are stunning. Check it out:

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