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Nest Cam & Self Monitored Security

I live and work in a fairly remote spot. I mean, we are only 20 minutes from Austin, TX but to get to my shop and home you have to go down a number of small country roads and even a gravel lane of sorts.  When you finally make your way here, you feel as though you are in the middle of nowhere. It’s great. I love it… But, there are times when living in such a location makes you feel pretty vulnerable. If we are out of town, we don’t have neighbors to watch over the joint. And if we are in the house, we aren’t in line of sight with the shop.

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Spotless Rinse… That actually works…

I’ve always been enamored by the “spot free rinse” offered at my local DIY car wash places. It’s something I ponder every time I wave that rented wand around – water barely flowing as if it was only a half hearted attempt to piss after a single beer. Am I wasting my money and time with this thing? Does spot free rinsing actually work or is this some Jedi mind trick fostered by the marketing department at an evil car wash manufacturing plant located somewhere in Poughkeepsie?

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A Real Blast Cabinet


My experience with blast cabinets has been based around cheap Chinese made units. You know the drill – pay $100 initially and then double that on parts for modifications (so it will actually work) and then add on a few hours of labor. In the end, I’ve always ended up with a half ass solution that’s only big enough for the smallest of parts.

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3M White Board & Chaulk Board Tape

So 3M sent me two rolls of tape a couple of weeks ago – a roll of Dry Erase Tape and a roll of Chalk Board Tape. The function of each is just what you would think it to be. The Dry Erase tape is writeable with dry erase markers and the Chalk Board tape is writeable with chalk. Otherwise, I found each roll to be identical in both holding power and strength. This isn’t duct tape for sure, but that is probably a good thing as this is really just fancy label tape – you don’t want it to destroy whatever you stick it too, right?

Anyway, this is pretty damned cool idea. The only thing is, I haven’t found a use for either roll yet. Maybe you guys can. It’s cheap enough. Give it a shot:

Dry Erase Tape

Chalk Board Tape

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The Gas Station Attendant

This is pretty rad… Steve Johnson is a forum member and a sponsor. He runs and happens to be heavy into nostalgic gas and oil stuff. Recently he got the idea to reproduce the old station attendant oil can stands. They are done and ready to go and are available in just about any brand you can imagine. Check it out:

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