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Forum: General Tool Discussion 12-14-2012, 03:39 PM
Replies: 4
Views: 609
Posted By Underdog
Re: Klein 3146 lineman's wrench

Got a Blue one actually says "Bell Systems" on it.
Forum: Free Parking 09-19-2012, 07:23 PM
Replies: 34
Views: 2,360
Posted By Underdog
Re: Garbage disposal ?

Septic or Sewer? Garbage Disposals are hard on Septic Tanks. Just too much waste going into them.
Forum: General Tool Discussion 08-02-2012, 08:59 AM
Replies: 46
Views: 7,718
Posted By Underdog
Re: My new old Athol 924-1/2 vise, probable 'I suck'

Great buy! Excellent example of old Americana.
Forum: Free Parking 07-01-2012, 12:46 PM
Replies: 578
Views: 119,628
Posted By Underdog
Re: More fun with the troublesome neighbor

I assume you have it surveyed and marked? Then simply fence it just inside your property line. Just telling people to stay off your land is hard when its always a argument where your land begins and...
Forum: Free Parking 06-10-2012, 08:23 PM
Replies: 392
Views: 87,841
Posted By Underdog
Re: Show us your tractors

I bet they got Detroit Diesel Two Strokers in them?
Forum: Free Parking 06-10-2012, 05:55 PM
Replies: 19
Views: 1,631
Posted By Underdog
Re: Scumbag Thieves

County to the north passed a law that recyclers had to pay by check mailed to the customers DL address. That may help.
Forum: Free Parking 06-09-2012, 09:51 PM
Replies: 12
Views: 1,616
Posted By Underdog
Re: One awesome Guy

My mom's friend wrote this book. She lost her husband over the Hump flying B-24 tankers.

Forum: General Tool Discussion 06-06-2012, 01:13 PM
Replies: 23
Views: 2,386
Posted By Underdog
Re: thread restoring set

Breaking one? Loan to a friend that's using it on work hardened Stainless bolts.:mad:
Forum: Free Parking 06-05-2012, 06:21 PM
Replies: 201
Views: 22,022
Posted By Underdog
Re: Plane spotting my hobby- Pic heavy

Old Convairs. Rode C-440's from FLL to the Bahamas on Mackey Airlines.
Rode C-580's DEN to ASE on Aspen Airways. Neat old planes.
The 440's still had old Eastern Airlines nameplates on them with...
Forum: Free Parking 06-04-2012, 12:21 PM
Replies: 42
Views: 2,385
Posted By Underdog
Re: Anyone like WWI airplanes?

I disagree, My dad born 1908 in horse and buggy. He saw it all. Told me the first time he saw a automobile drive by his house.

Information, health care yes, but not mechanical transportation.
Forum: Free Parking 06-03-2012, 09:15 AM
Replies: 42
Views: 2,385
Posted By Underdog
Re: Anyone like WWI airplanes?

Really shows that the first Fighter Pilots were indeed Gun Fighters.
Forum: General Tool Discussion 06-03-2012, 09:07 AM
Replies: 204
Views: 22,629
Posted By Underdog
Re: That old tool store down the road...

Nothing but a ton of NOS US made no longer available.:(
Forum: General Tool Discussion 06-03-2012, 08:58 AM
Replies: 17
Views: 1,616
Posted By Underdog
Re: Sunex long pliers

They look a lot better than Nothing.:)
Forum: Free Parking 06-02-2012, 09:39 AM
Replies: 17
Views: 1,048
Posted By Underdog
Re: any home inspectors here?

Tell them take it or leave it. Maybe they are planning to come back and low ball you on the purchase price, a favorite game.
When I sold a house I always told buyers it was "as is", if you want an...
Forum: Free Parking 05-30-2012, 11:14 AM
Replies: 61
Views: 4,461
Posted By Underdog
Re: Rental Propertys for income

Renting the properties is easy, collecting the rent not so much. If your a good handyman type and can repair most thing then you'll make money. If you have to hire out all the work then pretty much...
Forum: Free Parking 05-28-2012, 06:20 PM
Replies: 9
Views: 515
Posted By Underdog
Re: paint/primer question

I guess put more primer on it? Always was told that the primer sucks up moisture IDK.
Forum: Free Parking 05-28-2012, 07:54 AM
Replies: 32
Views: 2,700
Posted By Underdog
Re: DIY Security Systems

Probably doesn't apply in your case but here we have a County burglar alarm ordinance. If it calls the police or anyone can hear the siren then you must also have a Alarm Permit.

Permit costs $25...
Forum: Free Parking 05-24-2012, 12:37 PM
Replies: 14
Views: 1,321
Posted By Underdog
Re: I need lock cylinders for KR series SO boxes

Start here. Ordered a lock set for my service cart from SO, fit perfect. Or like previous go to a locksmith.

Forum: Free Parking 05-24-2012, 12:27 PM
Replies: 28
Views: 1,704
Posted By Underdog
Re: My ride with Mario

Don't know anything about Indy. What was your top speed straightaway?
Forum: Free Parking 05-24-2012, 11:05 AM
Replies: 87
Views: 6,067
Posted By Underdog
Re: Craigslist Sucks

If I can't get it that day, I always say "I'll call you tomorrow and come get it if its still available". sometimes the add is gone by morning time, saves me my time and money. Now if its something I...
Forum: Free Parking 05-16-2012, 07:36 AM
Replies: 45
Views: 2,726
Posted By Underdog
Re: ? for police and insurance

Fix $300 worth of repair and move on. All this running around and calling this one and that one, how much is your time worth?
Forum: Free Parking 05-14-2012, 04:33 PM
Replies: 115
Views: 14,317
Posted By Underdog
Re: How not to build a retaining wall

Just run braces from wall to the house on the Left, about 4' on centers should do it.:lol_hitti

Really that has to go. When it fails those timbers will be lying on or near your parents garage...
Forum: Free Parking 05-13-2012, 01:53 PM
Replies: 37
Views: 2,592
Posted By Underdog
Forum: Free Parking 05-12-2012, 10:24 PM
Replies: 18
Views: 1,698
Posted By Underdog
Re: Knox Box?!

I've got them on several buildings. They are keyed for your fire dept only. Never seen any wired to the alarm system, (we use the basic, cheapest ones).

Big problem I see is my tenants change the...
Forum: Free Parking 05-11-2012, 02:15 PM
Replies: 17
Views: 1,571
Posted By Underdog
Re: Straight water in an all cast iron engine for 2 weeks

Yea all of dads stuff ran water, then I would add a can of DuPont water pump lubricant in the newer stuff. Nothing but soluble oil.
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