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Originally Posted by DoyleDee View Post
I'm probrably within 15-20 miles of you both... and I'm going to build a 30x36 this year...(pole barn style -on a budget---meaning, I'm doing all but the concrete pour). I'll send pm's on who you would recommend for concrete. I have yet to do any dirt work... but I'm gonna get there. My shop will be nothing special, galvalume 5 rib metal (bought from a company in Celeste). If you need any help, If I can, I will.
Oh, and I have a concrete company within 4 miles of me.. (Rhyno used to be there as well... but they went bankrupt)
I had a local guy price it then I got someone to put the bulding up an had them price it with concrete and without. the price was right so I am going with the concrete guy of the contractor. I will let you know after the work is done.

Thanks for the offer
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