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Default Re: Is there any more affordable thread locker that compares to locktite?

Originally Posted by JayL View Post
Please advise which vehicle bolts need Locktite.
I'll bet the drive shaft that came loose was a Ford. The Fords with the aft u-joint with the flat flange and four twelve pointed capscrews holding it to the differential flange, must have locktite on the threads. My father had the transmission in his '84 LTD (Fairmont sized car) rebuilt about '90 or so and they didn't use locktite on the threads of those rear driveshaft flange bolts. Soon after we started hearing a clunk when you shifted to reverse from park, or from drive to reverse, and I found the bolts loose. I bought new ones (the original ones were damaged by that point) and the new ones had been pre-locktited.

More recently I replaced the clutch in my '91 Ranger and was smart enough to use locktite on those bolts when I reinstalled the driveshaft, no problems.

The sticks are a very good idea, since the bottles go bad after a while, and I had resorted to buying the tiny tubes of the liquid.

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