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Default Re: Tools from the old world

Originally Posted by bchee View Post
Is this the same Asahi that makes the beer?
I wish I could buy some Asahi wrenches at my local liquor store.

Originally Posted by Monte View Post
"Dako" pliers - the last one - from 2009 on "Gedore" branded

Yeah, I got the newsletter from Gedore a few months ago stating that they were going to consolidate everything to a single name--Gedore. Kinda sad that they dropped the other names. I like the names Dako, Habero, Rahsol, etc.

Originally Posted by Monte View Post
Do you have a pic of any of the polynova tools or a logo etc. (where did you hear, saw it?) Couldn`t find any infos regarding polynova tools
I took the opportunity to take pictures of all the vintage, German-made wrenches in my collection. As you'll see in the pictures below, it includes the Polynova product; it was a line under Belzer--I don't know what era it's from though. Apparently, the 15 degree offset had the Polynova name and the 10 degree versions had a Polygon name to it.
The acronym "DRGM" stands for Deutsches Reich Gebrauchsmuster (German Reich Registered Design). So, the "DRGM" forged onto it is sorta like the German equivalent of "Patented Design"?
For it's size, this 17 x 19mm double-box is quite long; something like 30cm or so.

The whole lot:

Some old Hazet stuff:

Note the changes in the Hazet script over time:

Miscellaneous brands:

Front side:

The back side:

Front side:

The back side:

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