The Garage Computer

There’s lots of reason to have a computer in the shop. I guess the biggest reason is research… There is nothing like have Google at a moment’s reach. However, placement is always an issue as these damned contraptions are fragile and tend to get temperamental when exposed to the elements. This made me think about how folks locate their computers in the shop.

The above is a pretty good thought – though I think typing would totally suck.

What do you guys do?

Me… I use an iPad. From that I have an internet connection, a great selection of music, plenty of storage for docs, and it’s pretty durable as well.

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Master Chuck Key

I’ve got so many damn chucks… and so many damn lost chuck keys. You know what rules?

This thing!

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The Barage

Admittedly, my garage space is solely a work space. I don’t have a tv, or a computer, or a couch, or… You get the idea. My space is purpose built to work on stuff, get dirty, and get clean – that’s it. Even so, I can see the charm and usability of a multi-use space. This guy seems to have done it right. Check it out.

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Plastic Bins
Plastic Bins