Monster Garage

Today’s featured garage proves two things… One, you can’t buy soul. Two, you can buy one hell of a garage space.

Mark has actually had this thread going for a while now, but I’ve waited to feature it until the thread was flushed and mature. I think you’ll be glad I did.

Check this shit out.

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Memorial Day

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A Few Changes… Just For You…

Hey fellas, you might notice a few changes here and there on The Garage Journal. Namely, we’ve redone the classifieds a bit. In order to make sure ads get their fair share on the top of the forum, we’ve taken away the ability for users to reply to the ads themselves. The original poster can still reply to bump their ads and make additions, but that’s where it stops. A special thanks to all of you guys that provided feedback. I really appreciate it.

In other news, we’ve also added a new HOT DEALS section to the site. Before, we just had a dedicated thread. Now, you can check out the forum dedicated to great deals and coupon codes here.

As always, thanks for everything fellas… Carry on!

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Have A Vintage Wilton Vise?

I don’t know these guys at all… And no one put me up to this, I just found this promotion on the Wilton site and thought it was pretty cool. Essentially, they are looking for vintage Wilton vises with a family story. Submit your heirloom and you could win $5000 in Wilton stuff. I gotta feeling someone from TGJ is gonna win.

Check it out.

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The Mid Century Door

I’ve always had an appreciation for mid-century modern architecture. As far as modern design goes, the mid-century efforts are just so approachable and optimistic. It’s all kind of fun… Of course, nothing captures this fun as much or as well as the garage door. And, as such, I decided to scour the web for as many examples as I could find.

Enjoy the gallery after the break.

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