Best Made Toolbox

I love the idea of the Best Made Company. They started life as a business by selling artistically created axes… or I guess I should say axe handles. Things went well and by 2010 the company starting making and marketing other goods that were mostly sourced and made in the USA. Really, I think they just found cool shit, put their design touch to it, and then sold it at a premium price. Which is cool, but I’ve never laid out the dough…

Anyway, recently they introduced this small toolbox and I have to say – I’m tempted. Sure, it’s expensive but I love the way they’ve marketed it and the design touches within. Details here.

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25% Off Busted Knuckle Garage


So here’s something I don’t normally do – Pimp a company as a feature… But I love these guys and they are offering our membership 25% OFF everything in their store. How about that?

Just use this discount code at checkout:


Thanks a ton Warren and Busted Knuckle Garage!

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The Aerodrome Studio

Wanna kill an hour staring at a cluttered shop and the really fun projects that come out of it? Just check out this thread on the Aerodrome Studio… You’ll be glad ya did!

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A Hot Rodder’s Bench


It’s tech week over at the H.A.M.B. and one member decided to post an article on the construction of what he considers to be his ultimate work bench – complete with folding welding table. I thought it was pretty well done and figured some of you guys would get a kick out of it.

Check it out here.

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The Scout Den

I love this… First, the shop is so clean and well designed… But check out how Jay used Steevo’s idea to create what is really the ultimate work bench. Details here.

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