Self Built


I don’t know the first thing about building a structure. I’ve never done it… And don’t know when I would ever have the time to attempt it, but it’s something I desperately want to try at some point in my lifetime. Recently, BSJ04 started construction on his own shop. Watching as he and his best pals build away is incredibly inspiring. Take some off today and give this thread a gander.

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This is incredibly dorky, but somehow captivating as well. You guys have all heard of Mythbusters I’m sure and, as a result, you probably know Adam Savage – one of the two nerdy hosts. What you might not know is that Adam also has a pretty large YouTube following as well. Through a series of shows titled “Tested,” Adam shows off his shop while taking on a number of different projects. The above is probably my favorite, but you can see many more here.

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Workshop 88

Some folks just have it and “Mr. 360” is one of those folks… Follow this thread and you’ll quickly see what I mean.


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Nut & Bolt Storage


I’m kind of in love with this vintage drawer setup that I found… And while I can’t afford a big enough unit to store all of my nuts and bolts, I think this might be a good alternative for some of my specialty hardware. It’s got so much character and will last a lifetime.

What do you guys use for hardware storage?

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Plastic Bins
Plastic Bins