The Orbiter


I had this hole that I needed drilled in a spot that I simply couldn’t reach with my drill. The answer was to either completely disassemble some framing or look for one of those gadgets that gets you where you need to be. I decided to give this Orbiter gizmo a try… and it worked. I wouldn’t say it’s built all that well, but I will say that it gets you and your drill bit into some extreme angles with relative ease. And it’s only $28… Case is still out if it’s a good value (long term) or not and I’m not at all a “gizmo” guy, but figured I would feature it anyhow.

Buy at your own risk.

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TXinkman Does it Again…



A great restoration of a gorgeous box. This time, our favorite box restorer from Texas used an antique canvas to cover the exterior of the box – giving it the fell of an old trunk. Gorgeous. Check it out:

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Smoking Deal On A Craftsman Box

I don’t do this kind of thing very often as it’s kind of cheesy to feature deals on the homepage, but damn… this is a pretty good deal. Basically, you are getting half off of a Craftsman 40″ box.

Here’s the bottom.

Here’s the top.

I’m gonna go take a shower now.

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Plastic Bins
Plastic Bins