Barn Lettering

Just down a country road from me lives an older gentlemen that has a passion for vintage railroad buildings. So much so, that he has bought 5 or 6 of them, deconstructed them, and then reconstructed them on his property. He’s now renting them out to small businesses and has created a wonderful little office park.

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Von Dutch’s Tool Box

So, it’s Von Dutch’s tool box… Old news to many, but I still love staring at it. It sold for many thousands of dollars at auction a few years ago – way more than it’s worth, but you have to admire the art of it.




What goes where?

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Vintage Black & Decker Drill

So I was at a buddy’s shop thrashing on a car when I stumbled on the coolest little find. Apparently, my buddy’s dad had a habit of buying tools and never taking them out of the box. Sometime a number of years ago, he bought the Black & Decker drill pictured above. Before yesterday it had never been used and the receipt in the box showed that it was bought from K-Mart for $9.95.

Dig on that tiny little chuck.

I love old tools.

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Le Porsche Garage


So I was working on another project dealing with vintage Porsches and was googling for research when, ironically, I was lead to The Garage Journal and this old shop thread posted in 2010. Somehow, I missed this one all those years ago…

While not a working shop, it’s a great example of a showroom garage.

Check it out.

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Plastic Bins
Plastic Bins