Atomic Shop Update


Well this has taken longer than expected… We started the shop in the middle of November and I figured it would be wrapped up by Christmas, but the contractor I hired to erect the metal building proved to be less than competent in a lot of areas. Thankfully, however, he was an honest guy and things have worked out ok. In any case, the schedule has gone out the window.

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ShopRoll Tool Roll

I gotta thing for tool rolls. Most “late model” tool rolls seem to be lacking in both style and substance, but I own a ton of military tool rolls from WWII and Vietnam eras. I use them in my mobile tool boxes that I keep in my old cars and trucks. Today, however, I was racking my brain for a post and stumbled upon the Adventure Tool Company and their canvas offering. I dig it for three reasons:

1. It’s canvas… and has the look of the older rolls that I love so much.

2. It’s got a ton of accessory pockets which most older rolls don’t have. They are great for things like an extra points set, maybe some hardware, etc..

3. It’s made in the USA.

Check it out.

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The QuickJack


A few months ago, Bendpak sent over a BL-3500 QuickJack in hopes that I would review it. The only problem was that my shop is still very much under construction and in no condition to test the newly developed portable lifting system. So, I hauled the thing over to Austin Speed Shop, dropped it off, and told them I’d be back in a few weeks asking for feedback.

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Plastic Bins
Plastic Bins