Slice Ceramic Box Cutters

People send me shit to review all the time. At first thought, this might seem like a nice perk to the job… and it is, but honestly 90% of the stuff I’m sent to review¬†has no interest or value to me. Typically, this stuff ends up in a landfill somewhere and not on the site.

So, when Slice sent me a couple of their new ceramic box cutters they sat unopened in my office for a few weeks… I mean, what real innovation can their be in a utility knife? I just didn’t see a re-invented wheel here and didn’t rush to use them. But, I’ve been working on my new shop like a mad man as of late and¬†have had lots of packaging to open and stuff that just needed to be cut. The Slice just happened to be around, so I opened it up and started using it with no legitimate thoughts towards usability, a review, or anything like that. I mean, I just had shit that needed cut, so I was cutting it!

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The Best Made 41D

Typically when I bring up Best Made on The Garage Journal, I’m left with a bunch of comments that reduce the company to an overpriced fashion retailer. And maybe those detractors have a point, but I can’t help myself – I’m a sucker for good design and the folks at Best Made do such a good job with the visual aspect of their products and projects, that I just don’t think about “value” quite as diligently as maybe I should.

In any case, Best Made just teamed with Gerstner to make the above pictured special edition 41D box. I’m in absolute love with it.

Check it out.

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The Perfect Man Cave


So, let’s say you live up north in the bitter cold… and you need a man cave. You know, a spot where you can store your guns, work on small projects, drink a beer or two, and write drunken letters to all your friends down south. What are you going to build?

I have the perfect template for you.

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Plastic Bins
Plastic Bins