30% Off and Free Shipping at Zoro… Flash Sale

Looks like the sale is good until 3pm central… And more than likely will be the best opportunity to get any big items you might need before she summer sales start – 30% and free shipping is hard to beat.

Use the discount code: SAVENOW30

Check it out.

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A Vintage Styled Shop Calendar

A lot of you guys are H.A.M.B. transplants… But for those of you that aren’t, I wanted to fill you in on something you might dig. Every year we do a calendar featuring the photography of the H.A.M.B.. This year, we just didn’t have the bandwidth to make it happen, so we did something a little more simple. We did a vintage styled shop calendar based off a 1940’s Proto design complete with Jeff Norwell penned pinup and tear-away sheets for the months of the year. I know there are a lot of vintage tool guys here and I thought this might be right up your alley…

So, details here.

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Atomic Shop Update: The Work Bench

I’ve never owned what most professional mechanics would call a “nice” toolbox. In the past, I’ve used middle of the road Craftsman boxes almost exclusively. And frankly, I planned to continue down that same path when I started the new shop. My initial plan was to buy a couple of 44″ Harbor Freight boxes and then build a “Steevo inspired” workbench around them. That all changed once Joe from Motorhead Extraordinaire heard of my venture.

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Milwaukee M18 Impact Driver – $89

Oh boy. You guys have created a monster… Again, I’m not being paid for this… BUT, Home Depot just dropped a “one-day” only sale on M18 drivers. You can pick one up for $89. Of course, it’s not the new brushless version but it is over 50% off. I couldn’t resist.

Check it out here, but hurry!

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The Latest “Steevo Inspired” Bench

The latest “Steevo Inspired” bench is a good one… done with a limited budget and unlimited imagination. If ya get a few minutes, you might check it out.

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