The Craftsman Block Grinder


Because dammit… Is there anything cooler than a vintage Craftsman block grinder? Sure there is, but not much.

Keep up with it here.

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EPPCO Tool Box Liner

So I’m finally finished lining all of the drawers in my Lista boxes… I’ve said this before, but when I was done I felt as though I had just finished carpeting a two-bedroom apartment. So. Many. Drawers.

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Husky Commercial Shelving

This week I’ve been spending a little time on the organization of the loft in my shop. Typically I don’t like open shelving in shops because they invite so much clutter… But in this case I can get away with it as the loft is really out of view and not so accessible that I’ll be tempted to lay stuff around all willy nilly. So, I decided to try out some of those Husky Commercial shelving units from Home Depot.

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The Versa-Vise

I had never heard of one until I stumbled on one the other day on the Garage Journal forum. A search brought up the above video… Neat, neat little vise…

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Plastic Bins
Plastic Bins