The Lista Storage Wall

So the “organization” part of my shop build has taken way longer than I ever expected. Once the joint was up and pseudo operational, I had a bunch of projects to tend to before I could really get down to making a place for everything. Which, honestly, has turned out to be a good thing. Working on projects in the shop while it was an organizational mess gave me a better understanding of what should go where.

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The White Shop

So I’ve got a friend in the Porsche world that is getting ready to redo the inside of his professional shop. Like me, he grew up in Formula 1 shops… but unlike me, he’s actually disciplined enough to keep an all white shop clean and tidy. Plans call for a white epoxy floor, white Lista boxes, etc… He’s going the whole nine.

Anyway, I though it might be interesting to start a gallery thread of sorts. If you’ve got images of all white (or mostly white) shops, post them as a reply!

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Shinola Screwdriver Set

An American watch company makes and markets a 100% American made screwdriver set. I’ve got screwdrivers coming out the whazzoo, but if I didn’t I’d own these. I absolutely love the nod to tradition by way of the handle shape and the black oxide finish is rad as well.

Details here.

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3M White Board & Chaulk Board Tape

So 3M sent me two rolls of tape a couple of weeks ago – a roll of Dry Erase Tape and a roll of Chalk Board Tape. The function of each is just what you would think it to be. The Dry Erase tape is writeable with dry erase markers and the Chalk Board tape is writeable with chalk. Otherwise, I found each roll to be identical in both holding power and strength. This isn’t duct tape for sure, but that is probably a good thing as this is really just fancy label tape – you don’t want it to destroy whatever you stick it too, right?

Anyway, this is pretty damned cool idea. The only thing is, I haven’t found a use for either roll yet. Maybe you guys can. It’s cheap enough. Give it a shot:

Dry Erase Tape

Chalk Board Tape

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Plastic Bins
Plastic Bins