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I know this one has been an ongoing build thread for some time, but somehow I missed it and am just now getting caught up. Do yourself a favor and check this build out.

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Festool Dust Extractor

Ok fellas… My decade old Craftsman shop vac is on its last leg and it’s time to go a new. Typically, I’d just buy another cheap Craftsman and call it a day. Not that Craftsman is the best bang for the buck vac (or maybe it is), but it’s just not a purchase I want to spend hours researching. But… But… I’ve kind of always wanted a Festool Dust Extractor. Specifically, the Festool CT36.

So, this post is a call out to any of you that own them. Is this thing really worth the $700 asking price? Is it THAT nice? I have limited experience with Festool, but that experience does tell me that Festool makes incredible products that often break the rules of common thought. But a vacuum is a vacuum, right?

Talk me in or out of it.

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Kill Time with AMMO

So, I’ve been laid up the past week after a battle with an oral surgeon. Complete mess of unimaginable proportions, but the time off allowed me to spend a lot of time doing things that I rarely get to do – like mindlessly browsing the internet.

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Plastic Bins
Plastic Bins