The Samurai Workbench

I don’t do a lot of wood working, so this isn’t a bench I’d use… But I have to admit, I love watching this guy build this thing. It’s gorgeous.

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Your Favorite Hammer

I’ve got nothing for ya today… Absolutely nothing… Well, nothing other than my favorite hammer. Hammers are one of those things that you just bond with – you know? They are very tactile and by definition, simply purposeful. I just love hammers…

Anyway, the ball peen job above is my favorite. I’ve had it for probably 20 years and don’t remember where I got it or who made it. It’s marked with a “Made in the USA” stamp, but that’s it for identifying marks. And yeah, I’ve replaced the handle once. The head is still OG…

But this all got me thinking – we need a thread full of hammers and nothing but hammers. So, post your favorite.

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The Mennonite Barn Build

A special build is going down in Canada. This is one you are gonna want to watch as it happens. Just subscribe to this thread.

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Plastic Bins
Plastic Bins